Jim Tan, Chief Business Development Officer at igaming solutions provider DSTGaming, offers up a progress report on the company, highlighting growth, new product innovations and a quick look ahead to the next 12 months.

CasinoBeats: Tell us briefly about the trading performance of DSTGaming during the last 12 months.

Jim Tan: In the past 12 months, DSTGaming has experienced significant growth and success. Our White Label Online Casino Software, CRM Software, Casino Games Aggregator API, and Casino Payment Solutions have garnered increased adoption, contributing to a notable expansion in our client base and overall market presence.

CasinoBeats: What would you consider to be the highlights over the last 12 months and what new offerings have you brought to the marketplace?

Jim Tan: The highlight of the year includes the successful launch and continuous enhancement of our White Label Online Casino Software, providing operators with a fully customisable and feature-rich platform. Additionally, our CRM Software has seen notable upgrades, facilitating effective player management and engagement. The introduction of our Casino Games Aggregator API has expanded game offerings, and our Casino Payment Solutions have become more seamless and secure.

CasinoBeats: Technology and solutions positioning are key elements of your business. Can you give us a snapshot of what makes DSTGaming stand out from the crowd?

Jim Tan: DSTGaming’s claim as an industry leader is substantiated by our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions. Our White Label Online Casino Software is built on a scalable architecture, ensuring flexibility for operators. The CRM Software maximises player retention through personalised engagement, and the Casino Games Aggregator API diversifies gaming content. Our secure and efficient Casino Payment Solutions underscore our commitment to providing a holistic and advanced igaming experience.

CasinoBeats: Let’s focus on your White Label Solution and the way in which it differentiates itself from other solutions.

Jim Tan: Unlike other solutions in the market, DSTGaming’s White Label Online Casino Software offers unparalleled customisation options, enabling operators to establish a unique brand identity. The integration of our CRM Software ensures a targeted approach to player management. Our Casino Games Aggregator API broadens the gaming portfolio, and the Casino Payment Solutions provide a seamless and secure transaction experience, differentiating us in the competitive landscape.

CasinoBeats: What do you consider to be the upcoming opportunities in the next 12 Months?

Jim Tan: Looking ahead, we anticipate further opportunities for growth with the continuous evolution of mobile gaming. The adaptability of our solutions positions us well to capitalise on emerging markets and regulatory developments. Strategic collaborations and ongoing enhancements to our solutions will remain key focal points for the next year.

CasinoBeats: And finally what are the challenges and industry priorities that lie ahead for the remainder of 2024?

Jim Tan: As we go through 2024, industry priorities should revolve around strengthening cybersecurity measures, navigating evolving regulations, and embracing technological advancements. DSTGaming is committed to addressing these challenges head-on while upholding the highest standards in responsible gaming practices.