Kindred: Slight revenue share increase from high-risk players in Q1 2024

Image: Kindred Group

As part of its ‘Journey towards Zero’ initiative, Kindred has reported a slight increase in revenue share from high-risk players during the first quarter of 2024.

The ‘Journey towards Zero’ campaign of reaching zero per cent of revenue generated from harmful gambling sees the 32Red and Unibet operator provide quarterly data on revenue share from harmful gambling and improvement effect after interventions.

Kindred noted that, in comparison to Q4 2023, there has been a slight increase in the share of gross winnings revenue from high-risk players in Q1 2024 – a 90-day rolling period between December 19, 2023, and March 18, 2024.

The revenue from high-risk players rose to 3.2 per cent during the quarter, compared to Q4 2023’s 3.1 per cent. This figure has shifted between 3.1 and 3.3 per cent throughout the past year.

In addition, the operator said that it “remains fully dedicated to lowering this share of revenue and continues to see a positive behaviour change from players after interventions”.

The percentage of detected customers who exhibited improved behaviour after interventions has declined, falling to 87.1 per cent during Q1. 

In Q4 2023, the figure stood at 87.4 per cent and has gradually risen over the past year before Q1 this year (Q1 2023: 83 per cent, Q2 2023: 86.4 per cent, Q3 2023: 86.7 per cent). 

Alexander Westrell, Director of Communications at Kindred, stated that ‘Journey towards Zero’ data has steadily decreased since 2020, showing signs that the operator’s work is “paying off”.

Westrell commented: “We continue to see our share of revenue from high-risk players fluctuate quarter to quarter, and we are working closely with all teams across the company to support customers towards a more sustainable gambling experience.

“However, it is encouraging to see that our Journey towards Zero data has steadily decreased since 2020. A similar trend can be seen across the healthier gambling behaviour effect after interventions. This tells us two things: our work is paying off, but we need to continue to push ourselves to propel a sustainable progression.

He continued: “It was very encouraging to witness the open and transparent discussions at the Sustainable Gambling Conference in London on 20 March, where those with lived experience shared their important stories.

“Also, it is evident that technology is moving forward, and will provide greater opportunities to detect and intervene in the future. We hope to see more regulators engage with the industry and with experts to secure a more sustainable industry for everyone.”

Kindred will publish its interim report for Q1 2024 later this week on April 24.