In the latest tightening of Ukrainian gambling laws, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has backed a petition from servicemen which sought to highlight the increase in gambling addiction amongst the military forces in the region. 

The new regulations, which were signed off by Zelenskyy at the weekend, will not only outlaw servicemen from gambling but will also elevate the restrictions around gambling advertising in the region. 

Furthermore, the new framework will also see the mandatory introduction of loss limits for players in the region, as well as an increase in health support for those suffering from gambling addiction. 

Pavlo Petrychenk, a serviceman from Ukraine’s 56th Brigade, stated: “Military personnel have been away from their families for the third year, in stressful conditions and without the possibility of full rest, so they are especially psychologically vulnerable.

“For many of them, gambling becomes the only way to cope with stress, and therefore quickly causes dopamine addiction and weakens their self-control.”