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PokerLion has become the latest operator to join the Indian Poker Network, part of the Microgaming Poker Network.

Owned by Stuti Hardware, which trades as Ability Games, PokerLion went live on March 8 and supports all major poker variants on desktop and mobile platform.

Jean-Luc Ferriere, director of network games at Microgaming, said: “PokerLion joins the MPN’s Indian Poker Network with aggressive plans for growth and a commitment to entertain.

“Passionate about developing and promoting poker in India, the team are a welcome addition to the network.”

Navneet Makharia, managing director at Ability Games, added: “Microgaming software is among the most powerful and successful in the business, so it was the ideal choice for our real-money poker website.

“At PokerLion, we are committed to creating the best possible experience for our players, and we are thrilled to debut our new website for our Indian poker enthusiasts, clients and partners.”