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Live gaming solutions supplier TCSJohnHuxley has announced its line-up for next month’s G2E Asia, with a number of debut products ready to be unveiled.

Among the firm’s newcomers in Macau, from May 15 to 17, is the GFL Bonusing Reward system. Designed to unlock the potential of progressive and mystery jackpots, the powerful progressive system allows operators to configure bespoke event-driven and mystery jackpots via a secure centrally controlled platform.

The ability to intelligently customise games and provide multiple jackpots will keep players at the table for longer and help casinos achieve the best hold possible said the firm. Now with the addition of GFL Bonusing Rewards, operators can utilise casino promotion budgets to fund mystery jackpots, creating an exciting ‘in it to win it’ prize pool which sits independent of the base game.

Rebecca Kingswell, Managing Director APAC, commented: “The ability to offer a highly configurable system that allow players the chance to win casino funded prize pools by just taking part in the game, is a compelling draw for any anyone.”

G2E Asia also sees a new addition to the Qorex Electronic Gaming Solutions range. The ergonomically designed Qorex Terminal now has a smaller 23” cabinet in addition to the existing 27” version.

Powered by the GFL Gaming module which provides live and automated game content, the new 23” cabinet incorporates all the features of the original larger terminal, but has been designed to provide a more compact footprint – ideal when space is at a premium or there’s a restriction on the number of tables.

Available in a variety of configurations including Stand Alone, Back to Back, Carousel and Stadium, the power and flexibility of Qorex continues to grow.

Joining the G2E line-up is TCS’ patented Blaze LED Surface Technology which has been lighting up casino floors around the world. Blaze excites players and improves game speed with its vibrant animations and clear game state prompts and is now available with even higher resolution graphics.