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Norsk Tipping has moved to strengthen responsible gaming controls, after allowing its digital customers to view a detailed overview of their consumption upon log-in.

The Norwegian state-owned gambling operator acknowledges that despite such data having been available to individuals for many years, customers themselves had to visit its site to access it.

It was detailed that the moves to make such information more readily available came as a result of, amongst other things, “proactive conversations” with those who had lost significant amounts.

Tanja Sveen, Norsk Tipping’s advisor for responsible gaming, stated: “Now we are going to actively show the customer net consumption in the last seven, 30 and 365 days. We believe this can lead to increased awareness of our own money use.”

Adding that customers now get a better overview of the consumption, so that they themselves can take action when necessary: “When we ask [those with large losses] to estimate how much they have lost in the past year, it is common for them to tip only half of the real loss. Many get an ‘aha’ experience when they get to know the actual sum and want to make a change.”

The game account information is to initially be visible automatically once per week, containing a link to permit access to a more detailed overview, with customers able to change the display frequency on a daily or monthly basis.

It is to first be introduced in digital channels where customers are playing what are deemed medium to high risk games, such as casino, bingo and sports wagering, as well as to those that are seen as at-risk. 

Sveen continued: “This is also under development and will come in an expanded and improved version over the next couple of months.

“We work with solutions to ensure that customers who only play in physical channels also have access to the gaming accounts according to the same principle. We hope to have solutions in place towards the end of this year or early next year.”