Live streaming could be the closest replication of the thrill anticipated and enjoyed by players when accessing online slots, believes Reuben Borg, product owner at CasinoBonus360, a Catena Media brand.

Acknowledging that the future looks bright for streaming, driven by the very visually comparative nature of the product, Borg’s views come as CasinoBeats picks up the theme of its multi-week series that kicked-off eight days ago.

Offering a different perspective to what has come beforehand as part of the chain of articles, Borg begins by touching upon the snowballing influence of streamers throughout igaming, as well as offering an insight into whether it’s a route that has been explored as yet:  “A number of our casino affiliates have been partnering up and working with several online casino and slot streamers on both Twitch and YouTube, predominantly in the German market,” he says. 

“During the research phase of this project, we were impressed with the high popularity of live streamers and the mass numbers of followers and viewers they manage to get on a regular basis. 

“We explored the channel and were amazed by the results; viewers spending hours on a Saturday night watching a live streamer playing on casinos which we advertise on our sites, hence completing the entire entertainment experience for our users.”

Distinction is a key concept across multiple industries worldwide and often the key component to ensuring success; something at the forefront of the minds of those at the company when piecing together what turned out to be its most successful streaming action to date.

We are indeed in a unique and challenging period”

“Like any other marketing campaign we run, our users and clients are always the focus of everything we do. Our most successful live streaming campaign on Twitch took a number of weeks of testing different strategies to ensure that we, CasinoBonus360 and our live streaming partner, were delivering the best product that our players wanted,” he continued 

“We focused on creating a campaign which was tailored for users we were sending from our site to the live stream, and also for the regular live stream viewers which then came to our site. The campaigns had the right balance of informative content, as well as pure entertainment.”

Borg then changes tack to focus upon the future of streaming, as well as offering a slight insight to a perceived depleting value of the written word within certain situations and circumstances: “The future of streaming surely looks bright from our perspective! As a casino affiliate, we strive to provide our users with the best content for them to make the best choice of what to play and where. But written content is nowhere close to providing enough value through our sites. 

“We need to offer visual comparison and a true representation of the thrill players get when playing on our clients’ casino games and slots. Live streaming might very well be one of the best media to provide this content, being both equally informative and entertaining.”

During recent weeks and months, driven by the coronavirus pandemic, numerous jurisdictions have looked at, and begun to delve into the possibility of, introducing enhanced restrictions across certain aspects of operations. But what effect has this had on marketing techniques for CasinoBonus360 and Catena Media?

“We are indeed in a unique and challenging period, not just for business but also for our online casino players,” Borg explained. 

“…online casino entertainment is not, and should not be, targeted for tech-savvy players”

“Our focus has been on providing users with the best choices for online casino entertainment, while remaining mindful and respectful of the current health issues. We reduced advertising on news sites, due to the sensitivity of encouraging people to play online when they are on lockdown.

“We were also very careful with wordings on banners not to make any reference to the pandemic, and instead focus on offering the best and safest choice of online casinos.”

To conclude, Borg explained why it is crucial that affiliates continue to focus on all audiences despite a growing generation of tech savvy players: “We strongly believe that online casino entertainment is not, and should not be, targeted for tech-savvy players only, but for everyone.

“We want to deliver the best casino comparison content to the everyday player on a bus, on their lunch-break, or at home – looking for that thrill of playing casino or slots. 

“As an affiliate site, we feel it is a huge part of our responsibility to make sure that we advertise and provide the best content to both new and more traditional online players, by leveraging different platforms and media, such as live streaming, which connect with different audiences.”