Lena Yasir, VP Malta at Pragmatic Play, talks to CasinoBeats about how game shows have become a permanent fixture in people’s viewing schedules around the world.

Asserting a belief that they’re clearly one of the most engaging entertainment formats around in terms of bringing viewers into the action, Yasir says that now is the time to realise their potential in the casino space.

Licensed TV show titles have become mainstays of the slots arena in recent years. Pulling on a ready-made audience of TV show fans, they’ve proven their ability to attract and retain various demographics. Suppliers are constantly looking out for the next brand to bring on board, and those that pick well are rightly rewarded.

Game shows are arguably leading the charge. With so many around, there’s varied appeal across genders, within various age groups and in many different geographies. To this end, it’s only right that suppliers search out new ways to incorporate them as close to their original purpose as possible.

Slots are great, but they can lack that human element that so many crave. And this is where live casino comes in, ready to bring the game show format to life in the igaming world.

Live casino is now a well-established vertical, proving itself in recent years to attract those who may not want to gamble on a dark casino floor, but still want the human interaction a croupier provides. Likewise, it’s become one of the saviours of many operators in recent months with its ability to cross-sell from locked down sportsbooks.

What is innovative though, is taking the best of television game show formats and bringing it into the casino space”

Well-established is not enough though. We see its potential as far beyond that. With the technology around that can now deliver 4K, multi-view streams to mobile devices, players can get closer than ever to the thrill of the casino floor, from the comfort of their own home.

It’s important to leverage that on a variety of levels. Yes, there will always be players looking for the classics, and they’ll be well-served with the majority of leading casinos now covering the bases when it comes to Roulette and Blackjack. But what’s beyond that? How can live casino be taken to the next level? 

Our soon-to-be-launched Mega Wheel title will do just that. Spinning off the much-loved Wheel of Fortune concept, this unique money wheel game will deliver more than live casino. It’ll immerse players in the action, it’ll bridge them to our expertly-trained, engaging hosts, and ultimately, it’ll keep them coming back for more.

The game will still host chance at its very core, but with the glitz of the TV studio and the top-end production values that go with it, players will feel like they’re in the audience while they look through their screen, whatever size it may be.

Our industry is competing for players lessening spare time with an increasing number of entertainment alternatives. So, it’s important we look beyond a colourful casino carpet, the baize of the card table and the bright lights of Las Vegas and take inspiration from other channels that are seeing success.

Game shows may not be innovative, but they’re proven. What is innovative though, is taking the best of television game show formats and bringing it into the casino space to deliver a superior product. Combining the best of both worlds is how we’ll reach a broader audience, and we foresee Mega Wheel leading the charge when we release it. Stay tuned for the 11th of November, the official launch date.