AskGamblers’, Milica Kasapovic, senior account manager, and Dubravka Davidovic, head of content, claimed its ‘not-so-secret ingredient’ is their team as the company claimed the Casino Affiliate of the Year at this year’s SBC Awards.

After a challenging year for the industry, delegates arrived at Stamford Bridge to celebrate all the positives in what can be described as unpleasant 2020.

Asked what the awards meant for AskGamblers, Kasapovic noted: “First of all I want to thank you for this award in the AskGamblers team’s name. We are truly honoured to have come out as winners in this category despite such strong competition. 

“Winning the SBC Award means a lot to us, as this is a true recognition of our work and sign that we are going in the right direction.”

Echoing Kasapovic, Davidovic stated throughout the many hurdles of 2020, the team spirit remained intact: “Despite going through a tough year, switching to remote work in a day, and having to jump over so many hurdles, our team spirit didn’t shatter for one moment. We simply continued to do what we do best – develop a kick-ass product. 

“It is a privilege to work with the team where launching new functionalities is considered business as usual.”

Explaining how the company navigated through the year, Kasapovic claimed ‘it wasn’t easy’ and expressing its employees’ safety came first.

“Now, as the year is coming to an end, we can just feel proud that we managed to persevere, despite the situation and all the challenges that this year brought. AskGamblers managed to carry out many vital initiatives,” said Kasapovic.

“Apart from having completely redesigned our website and added a lot of new features, we have also made some fantastic new partnerships while continuing to maintain strong relations that we had already built.”

Casting an eye forward to 2021, Davidovic expressed that the new year will bring excitement for AskGamblers, said to be filled with ‘extraordinary new features’ and ‘outstanding relationships’.

“Like each year, I look forward to pushing the envelope and bringing innovations to the industry. Still, considering all the circumstances, I most look forward to going back to the office and meeting up with the team in person.” Davidovic added.

“2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected and be ready to adapt quickly. With all the changes that are going on in the world, it is hard to predict what will happen next. 

“However, further regulation of markets and responsible gambling programs await us in 2021, regardless. What is more, a continuous increase in mobile usage and further gamification of content is something that we can expect to see next year, too.”

Kasapovic noted the company’s success to ‘teamwork’ exclaiming her belief that every member of the company ‘loves’ their product and ‘cares for it as they own it’.

She continued: “Behind AskGamblers is a fantastic team of people, and each of them deserves to hold the trophy and brag about winning.”

AskGamblers have seen an increase in the number of total users, new users, sessions, organic traffic and affiliate clicks. Davidovic stated it was hard to tie the increase to just one factor.

She concluded: “We probably sound incredibly dull by now, but again – it’s all about the team and joint effort of the people behind AskGamblers. All of the initiatives we carried out this year, no matter how small or big, they all contributed to our success. 

“If you were to take just one of them out of the equation, the results wouldn’t be the same. And as far as 2021 goes, we’re looking to implement even more new, innovative ideas, continue improving our user experience, nurture stellar relationships, and stay true to ourselves, our brand and our users. It merely always comes down to our motto – Get the truth. Then play.”