Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture has selected Casinos Austria as its operator partner for the potential development of an integrated resort at Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo City.

Media outlets in the region report that the group finished with 697 points under the region’s RFP scoring system, which positioned the firm ahead of Oshidori International Development in second with 682.8 points and Niki Chyau (Parkview) Group in third with 667.1 points.

Hodo Nakamura, Nagasaki governor, is quoted in Inside Asian Gaming as saying: “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all entities who participated in our RFP at a time when the world had faced [the COVID-19] pandemic, and for their unique proposals that make use of their own experience and expertise.

“We also thank the members of the evaluation committee, each with their own perspective based on their area of expertise, who have taken the time to strictly evaluate the proposals.

“Going forward, our next course of action is to come to a master agreement with the priority negotiation rights holder. The prefecture will continue its efforts toward receiving national approval for developing an integrated resort in Nagasaki.”

However, this selection process follows Oshidori, which was partnered with Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, withdrawing its participation from the request for proposals process for a Nagasaki IR.

The group, which was established to develop an integrated resort in Sasebo City, cited the imposition of “restrictive and unreasonable rules,” and said that it would be withdrawing unless changes were made to conduct the process in an ethical manner. However, the Nagasaki government stated that no official notice had been received.

“Oshidori International Development announced today that, unless there are certain changes to the developmental and operational rules imposed by the Nagasaki Prefecture, and unless the RFP process is conducted in an ethical manner, it is withdrawing from participating in the RFP for an IR in Nagasaki, Japan,” the company’s statement read. 

“The restrictive and unreasonable rules imposed by the Nagasaki Prefecture make it impossible for Oshidori to conduct business in a prudent and efficient manner. 

“In addition, Oshidori has encountered several incidents that make it question whether there have been serious ethical irregularities in the RFP process, and it is only interested in participating in a process that has the highest integrity, and that is professional, transparent, and based on merit.

“Oshidori expresses its gratitude to the local community and to all the people involved for their support and cooperation towards Oshidori’s participation in Nagasaki’s IR process.”