Casino Gran Madrid

Altenar has rolled-out a partnership that will see the group solidify its European position after agreeing to supply its sportsbook and platform to Casino Gran Madrid in Spain. 

The platform boasts a range of capabilities, with multiple specialisations across esports, data and retail, as well as virtuals, and will see the sportsbook and igaming software provider take its solution to a wider range of bettors across Spain.

In addition to hailing the alliance as “testament to the continued growth of the company,” Altenar has reported a surge of 150 per cent for total bets and player count over 2021. 

Alejandro Cazorla, Sales Manager at Altenar, said: “We are delighted to be fuelling growth at Casino Gran Madrid with our top tier sportsbook. We look forward to collaborating with our newfound partners to provide an even more satisfying betting experience to the Spanish customer base.

“This partnership is indicative of the continued progress we are seeing as a company, and the evidence is clear that our presence in Europe is as strong as ever.”

Altenar continues to build on a variety of developments rolled-out over the course of the year, with the group having recently scaled its next-gen terminal solution for global markets following successes being recorded across Latin America, Belgium and Spain.