In a world of big name brands and media scrutiny, public image matters. A lot. 

So it comes as no surprise that many betting and gaming companies are finding themselves in a position where they want to show the positive contributions that they are making to the local community – whether that be through charity initiatives or even education initiatives. 

For DoubleUp Group’s Doggo Casino brand, this comes in the form of charitable donations to local animal shelters – as you guessed by their name, their speciality lies in supporting initiatives that rehome dogs across Malta.

In part three of Doggo Casino’s ‘dog-umentary’, DoubleUp Group’s CEO Ale Rallo takes a look at the public perception of online casino companies – a reputation that can often be tainted by stories of big losses.

The video begins with footage from a dog shelter run by the Association for Abandoned Animals, showing some of the animals that can be adopted by the wider public. 

By raising awareness of the charity, Rallo believes that Doggo Casino can help shift the perception of the gaming industry by highlighting the CSR work that the organisation does.

He said: “There isn’t any connection between casinos and dogs, per se. But we don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be. Casinos have previously been seen as these big, bad monsters that eat people’s money. At Doggo Casino, we’re fully legal, we’re fully regulated. All of our games are certified.

“We really don’t see why initiatives like this should be so rare. We think that we are just doing it right, we truly think that we can help the image of casinos. People will be able to see that we actually are committed to really make the world a better place. Our small contribution [to this] will be for animals.”