TransUnion unveils banking solution that promotes responsible gambling

Hand holds bank card
Image: Shutterstock

TransUnion has revealed a new banking solution for gaming, Open Banking for Gaming, to help operators manage their players and promote responsible gambling.

The new solution utilises the global information and insights provider’s categorisation engine, incorporating over 330 categories and sub-categories to help gaming companies operate their businesses more efficiently.

TransUnion adds that the ‘tailormade’ Open Banking for Gaming solution will help the gaming industry “support friction-right player experiences whilst helping operators to deliver safer gaming strategies and fulfil regulatory responsibilities”.

“We’ve created this new bespoke solution for the gaming sector by drawing on our expertise in affordability assessments,” commented Adam Hancox, Director of Gaming at TransUnion in the UK.

The Open Banking for Gaming dashboard provides operators with information about a player’s affordability, including transaction categories and filtering options, to help them make informed player risk decisions using consented data.

Through a combination of bank statements, warning flags, employment data and other sources, the solution helps operators evaluate a player’s affordability and source of funds ‘in a matter of minutes’, ensuring player safety. 

Hancox continued: “As well as helping operators make informed and responsible decisions, and strengthening existing relationships, our new solution offers an enhanced digital experience for players, thanks to a purpose-built screen flow which takes them through the consent and authorisation required for open banking.”