Hub88 gains content uplift courtesy of G Games & Lady Luck integrations

Image: Shutterstock

A “great opportunity” has been hailed by G Games after the online casino content provider disclosed its latest integration agreement, which has come alongside Hub88.

This will see the latter, which was created by the Yolo Group, gain a range of titles that include those from G’s deluxe range, as well as an array of slots, instants and solitaires, to the Hub88 network of operators during the next month.

“As big video gaming fans ourselves,” commented Ollie Castleman, Head of Hub88. “We really enjoy G’s range of game styles, mechanics and their big plans for the future. We can’t wait to see what we can deliver together.”

Furthermore, as a result of the commercial tie-up, operators utilising the Hub88 platform will also gain a steady stream of fresh content, with G to roll-out its existing portfolio of casino content as well as those games that are set to follow under the company’s 2023 roadmap.

“This is a great opportunity,” added Helen Walton, Chief Commercial Officer at G. “We are looking forward to bringing our games to a new group of customers who we know will appreciate our plans for the future!”

However, this isn’t the only content uplift being felt by Hub88, with an alliance alongside Swedish games provider Lady Luck Games also disclosed by the group.

Castleman added: “We’re excited to welcome Lady Luck Games to the Hub88 family. There has been a high demand for their content from our partners and we feel that their games will significantly enhance Hub88 content offering. 

“Lady Luck Games are engaging and highly entertaining – all things that players and operators expect from a modern slots provider.”

This will see Lady Luck Games deliver its complete portfolio to Hub88 operators on a global basis, which will include games such as The Treasures of Tizoc, Mr. Alchemister, Valholl: Wild Hammers, Beetle Bailey, Astro Anna and SpinJoy Society Megaways.

Mads Jørgensen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LL Lucky Games, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Hub88 and their innovative platform to expose our games to many new operators and players as we continue implementing innovating content in the igaming industry.”