Expanding a company’s presence on a global scale is no easy feat; it’s a task that requires substantial experience and knowledge of both commercial and regulatory nuances. But for Ulf Norder, his previous roles in the igaming space made him the perfect candidate to become the BGaming‘s new Chief Commercial Officer where he will be tasked with expanding the company’s presence into new regions across the globe.

Following on from his appointment as CCO, Norder spoke to CasinoBeats about the core values that attracted him to the role before outlining his vision to position BGaming as a global leader in the igaming space.

CB: Congratulations on your new role! So can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself and your background in the industry – how did you come to start out in gaming?

UN: Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m excited to get started as CCO and position BGaming as a leader in the igaming industry.

I’ve worked in this field for nearly 20 years and held senior positions in renowned igaming firms, such as Evolution Gaming, Tain, NYX and SG Digital. I’ve worked on a range of gambling products, including live casinos and betting, while learning the B2B and B2C needs of specific regions.

Before joining BGaming, I was the Chief Commercial Officer at QTech Games expanding its reach across Asia and into new markets such as India, the Middle East and Africa. With such a robust background, I’ll put my skills and knowledge into practice to make a significant impact.

CB: What attracted you to the role at BGaming?

UN: I was attracted to the company’s dynamic and vibrant culture. BGaming is a world-class company with innovative products and enormous potential. It offers exciting opportunities in several new markets and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

The team at BGaming is exceptional. They are passionate, dedicated and committed to delivering our clients and players the best possible gaming experience. I’m proud to work alongside such talented professionals.

Moreover, we’re constantly improving our portfolio, enriching it with innovative mechanics, features and game types to expand the product line-up and meet the taste of casino players across various regions.  

I’m also looking forward to helping accomplish the ambitious goals of entering new markets and increasing brand awareness. BGaming has tremendous growth opportunities and will evolve its social and player-driven approach to become a significant market player. I am confident that together with the rest of the team we can make BGaming’s future flourish and prosper with its presence all around the globe.

CB: How will you use your experiences in the gaming industry to shape your leadership strategy at BGaming?

UN: I hope to leverage my vast network of contacts worldwide to reach the immediate targets of BGaming – Asia, Latin America and Africa. We are considering other regions too.

In addition, I strive to create a positive and inclusive culture at BGaming. I’ve already seen BGaming people foster an environment where all employees feel valued and supported. A company that values diversity and inclusivity tends to be more innovative, successful and productive. I believe a great leader is also a great negotiator who influences and supports their team – not just delegating from the top.

We already apply an innovation-driven approach and this will be one of the key focuses of my leadership strategy. In this fast-paced industry, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments to remain competitive and relevant. I will strive to ensure that BGaming is always on the industry’s cutting edge.

CB: You have previously focused quite heavily on the Asian market. Is this a region that is going to become a focus for BGaming?

UN: Yes, Asia will become a focus for BGaming in the coming years. Asia is a massive, competitive market with great potential. Moving forward, we plan to expand our footprint there and actively participate in conferences to increase our regional exposure and establish our market share. I forecast that Asia will be our fastest-growing market next year and we are committed to investing the necessary resources to make this vision a reality.

Since joining BGaming, I’ve seen the team getting closer to this vast market and being excited about the potential that it holds for us. I’m confident we will succeed in this challenging environment and delight local players with engaging gaming experiences.

CB: Obviously you’re still very new to your role, but what can you tell us about your vision for BGaming? Are there any certain products, markets, approaches that you feel are going to be a top priority for you? 

UN: I believe it is essential to stay on the pulse of emerging trends and new features to maintain and grow our business exponentially. My vision for BGaming is to find new concepts and twists to help us stand out in the industry while staying true to our brand’s values.

One of our top priorities for the current year will be expanding into new markets, particularly in Asia, Latin America and Africa. They are the regions that offer exciting growth opportunities and we are prepared to face the unique challenges that come with each market. We will invest in researching each region’s gambling regulations, cultural nuances and local business needs to tailor our products and approach accordingly. In doing so, we will tap into new customer bases and increase our revenue streams.

Overall, we will remain agile in the face of an ever-changing industry. By focusing on innovation, expansion and staying ahead of the curve, we can establish a strong presence in these regions and cement our position as a leader in the gaming space.

CB: If you had to set some goals for yourself over the next 12 months, what would they be?

UN: From the CCO’s point of view, I will focus on BGaming’s growth and expansion plans. Specifically, I’d like to see at least 30% of our revenue coming from new markets in the next 12 months. Alongside expanding our footprint, I’ll aim to maintain our business continuity by reinforcing current partnerships and improving our products and solutions.

Another focal point for me is extending our efforts in regulated markets. Although they can be challenging to navigate, I’d like to ensure we meet all regulatory requirements and stay confident in keeping gambling free from crime, eliminating possible vulnerabilities and exploitation loopholes, and safeguarding players.

Also, I’d be delighted to create employment opportunities in new regions. A diverse team will help us achieve our growth objectives while bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the company.