The last six months have been busy for BETER, and the second half of the year is going to be jam packed for the company – particularly the BETER Live division.

Edvardas Sadovskis, Chief Product Officer at BETER Live, is responsible for overseeing the company’s product roadmap so that it meets and exceeds operator and player expectations. 

He spoke to CasinoBeats about what his team has focused on during his first few months, why the company is overhauling its UX and UI, and reveals some of BETER Live’s expansion plans.

CasinoBeats: It’s been about three months since you were appointed CPO at BETER Live. What has your team achieved during that time?

ES: My first quarter saw our team of skilled professionals focus on refining our product strategy. We did this by conducting an analysis of market trends and the needs of our business partners. 

As a result of all this research, we’ve introduced a more end-user-centric approach so that we can offer our clients an optimised and improved product. 

I’m very keen on encouraging our whole team to come up with innovative ideas and initiatives, and that has fostered a culture of creativity and collaboration. This has meant we’ve devised several ground-breaking product concepts that are currently in development, which we’re all very excited by.

CasinoBeats: It’s clear that BETER Live is continuously expanding its portfolio. What’s next?

ES: BETER Live has been providing market-leading services for more than two years and we already have a strong position in the industry, thanks to our wide portfolio of classic casino games and the concept of Gravity games with multipliers.

We also have many ideas for new games, as well as plans to introduce new features for our end users and business partners. So there’s always a lot going on behind the scenes at the company. 

Our future focus will be on developing innovative products that provide exceptional value to our customers. We will be exploring new market opportunities and leveraging emerging technologies to enhance our product offering. 

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best possible user experience, exceed our partners’ expectations and ensure that our products remain competitive in the market.

CasinoBeats: What new releases can BETER Live players expect to see in the near future? 

ES: We’re currently conducting a huge optimisation of our user interface and also undertaking a significant redesign project, as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our user experience. 

There are several reasons why we want to improve the UI. We’re aiming to make the navigation more intuitive, as well as streamline workflows, enhance our visual appeal, ensure responsiveness across devices and establish consistency. 

These optimisations will mean players have a more enjoyable and efficient user experience, ultimately increasing user satisfaction and productivity.

Another important new feature that’s being created for our users, those both loyal and new, will be based on a promotional engine that we’re developing in-house at the moment. 

This promotional engine will allow us to build many different kinds of bonuses and features that will improve the user experience and increase satisfaction levels for those who play our high-quality games. 

CasinoBeats: SiGMA Asia is just around the corner. What does the BETER Live team plan to present at the show?

ES: We launched our Gravity Roulette game show with multipliers at the start of the year, which has proven to be a huge success. We also have Gravity Blackjack, with multipliers on the popular side bets. 

We have plans to expand our Gravity family and will soon launch Gravity Sic Bo, which is a game that will have up to 36 multipliers in one round, from x5 up to x1000. 

This game will be a perfect fit for us to present at SiGMA Asia, an event that attracts many big industry players from the region, where this game is so popular. We’re looking forward to showing even more people all the exciting things that BETER Live has to offer.