So far, 2023 belongs to technology. The AI boom continues to produce awe and amazement while the progression of VR continues to excite tech fans across the globe. 

As an industry that has constantly evolved with the never-ending advancements in modern technology, we probed our CasinoBeats 100 Club on the topic by asking: 

What is the next technological step that could sweep across the online casino industry? And why?

Raphael Di Guisto, Founder at Silverback Gaming: The next technological step that could sweep across the online casino industry is the use of generative AI for generating game concepts and design concepts. This advancement has the potential to revolutionise the industry by significantly reducing production times for new games.

One notable example of this technological advancement is showcased by Silverback’s two upcoming games, Banana Blitz Deluxe and Mariachi Wild Fiesta. By utilising generative AI, Silverback has been able to streamline their game development process, cutting production times by six to eight weeks per game. This accelerated timeline allows for faster releases of high-quality games, keeping up with the growing demands of the online casino market.

Generative AI enables the automatic generation of game concepts and design elements based on predefined parameters and patterns. This technology can generate a wide range of innovative ideas, saving developers substantial time and effort in the initial stages of game development. By automating the concept and design generation process, developers can focus more on refining and enhancing the gameplay experience, resulting in more engaging and immersive games for players.

Thomas Kolbabek, CTO at Golden Whale: Forward looking, predictive operations, powered by AI. Shifting customer interaction gradually from past observations to future predictions is the equivalent of inventing the weather forecast. A convenience we take for granted today.

More specifically, predictive operations leverage existing operational platforms and gaming data, which is available in abundance in our industry. When such source data is processed, enriched with industry experience, and prepared to apply machine learning models efficiently, we can predict what players will want and enjoy in the next moment or the near future.

Why does AI excel at this? It finds correlations efficiently and without personal bias in very large data sets beyond what we as human beings can comprehend with reports and charts.

How will we take this to the next level? While AI is improving speed and capabilities of data analysis and predictions, we can focus our energy on testing hypotheses many times faster than with traditional A/B testing processes and devise new and innovative incentives for our players.

So rather than worrying what kind of clothes to pack for tomorrow’s trip we can focus on making the most out of our journey for us and everyone around us.

Max Sevostianov, Chief Operating Officer at Betbazar: I believe there are several major developments that will shortly sweep across the online casino industry. The first is the emergence of improving virtual reality and extended reality technology, which will provide a new layer of immersion and engagement for players. 

Using VR/ER tech, players can – for example – virtually sit across from the dealer at a table and look at their cards, replicating the feeling of being in an actual bricks-and-mortar casino venue and bringing them that much closer to the action.

The second is the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, because both bring an increased level of security and transparency to online casino games. 

Accepting cryptocurrencies allows for secure, anonymous transactions, while the addition of blockchain technology can also be used to create provably fair games where players are able to verify the randomness of outcomes. 

Both of these things lead to increased transparency and – ultimately – a much safer experience for the player. The introduction of AI and machine learning is also a very important step. This technology can help answer questions and provide information really fast, so I think it will play an important role in improving customer service. 

AI and machine learning can also be used to personalise your content as they can analyse player behaviour and create smarter games that are tailored for individual users. All of these points are tied to improvements in the speed and coverage of internet services globally.

In recent years, we’ve seen the percentage of players using mobile increase dramatically, to the point that I now believe it’s vital for operators to offer an app or something that allows them to bet and play wherever they are. Improvements in the 5G network – and whatever the next level of coverage will be – will increase the potential in continents like Africa, where internet penetration is currently very low.

Jean-Pierre Houareau, CEO at Live Solutions: The slots sector is highly competitive but there is only so much that can be done to differentiate products in this area. The game show sector is interesting as more studios develop new concepts for this format. We believe that the live casino sector has the most potential for innovative change.

There is also a perception that live casino means live dealer only. The live dealer model has many challenges. It relies on studios and staff, both of which have to be licensed in regulated jurisdictions and in many cases, studios have to be geographically located within those jurisdictions. 

Studio’s also require a physical infrastructure including tables, casino equipment and premises. Because this setup is costly and time consuming, operators are keen to have as many players as possible on each table at any one time. This impacts on a player’s experience as it’s likely they will have to queue for a table and get very little personal attention.

There is therefore the potential for a new approach to the live casino sector which would really allow players and casinos to properly appreciate one another. This is already happening with products like our own – players, game presenters, casino staff and VIP managers are all able to talk to each other face to face at the tables without ever having to queue. 

We are very happy to be pushing the boundaries of live casino, leading with the player experience, and always interested to see other innovations in this area.

Aleksandra Andrishak, Editor in Chief at Slotsjudge: The metaverse represents a new frontier for online casinos. As VR and AR technologies continue to mature, I anticipate seeing immersive, interactive, casino gaming experiences being developed within the metaverse, creating an environment that replicates the thrill of a physical casino, but with the accessibility of online gaming. 

The integration of blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, AI, and the metaverse can potentially revolutionise the online casino industry, providing an experience that is more engaging, fair, and exciting for players. However, there will be challenges to overcome, primarily regulatory concerns and technological implementation.