When adding a new product or pipeline of games into your offering, one of the major pain points that gambling companies can come up against is the lengthy, somewhat painful integration processes. 

To overcome this issue, Wazdan has developed Instant Integration – a “revolutionary approach” to game integration that it is confident will allow for Wazdan’s games to be rapidly integrated with online casinos. The process will include game launcher keys, contracts and complete documentation, all completed and ready within 60 minutes. 

Maciej Chyra, CTO of Wazdan, spoke to CasinoBeats about Instant Integration and how his experience in the igaming industry shaped the development of this product.

CasinoBeats: Let’s start off with perhaps the most pressing question – how is something like Instant Integration even possible?

MC: #InstantIntegration is an optimised process offered by Wazdan to online casino operators in its quickest, 60-minute form. The process facilitates a quick setup and provisioning of game launcher keys, with full documentation on the technical side. Alongside parallel contractual agreements on the legal and sales side, everything is completed within an unprecedented 60-minute time frame. 

As a result, casino operators can swiftly incorporate Wazdan’s diverse portfolio of games onto their platforms, offering an exceptional gaming experience to their players without unnecessary delays. This is effectively all done on the spot at industry events. We encourage operators to try it out at our stand when we’re showcasing it during events.

CasinoBeats: What are the benefits of Instant Integration for operators?

MC: The main benefit of #InstantIntegration is arguably the fact that it saves substantial time – which, as we all know, is actually money. Instead of spending it on lengthy integration processes and the exchanging of documents, our partners can take time to work on other projects. 

Casino operators are now able to take Wazdan’s games literally on the spot, without any significant labour cost, which also enables them to evaluate the games’ performance levels much more quickly. 

Furthermore, the integration process is facilitated by the team at Wazdan. This allows operators to focus entirely on enhancing their player experience and optimizing casino operations while we take care of the rest.

In some cases, if there is no common platform or wallet API, integration could take a little longer. However, thanks to dozens of available APIs, Instant Integration can usually go ahead without any issues – and it’ll always be stress-free.

CasinoBeats: What are the key factors that enable you to take this approach?

MC: Wazdan’s ability to provide such an expedited integration process results from several crucial factors. The company’s extensive integration with numerous platforms and online casinos has refined its processes to ensure efficiency and coordination. 

Years of experience in the industry have also equipped us with invaluable insights into optimising the previously over-complicated integration process. We have a dedicated team of technical experts that can efficiently handle integration.

This is bolstered by a company culture that embraces the kaizen methodology, continuously striving for process improvement and customer satisfaction. We know we’re able to make things easier for people, and we actively want to do so.  

CasinoBeats: What inspired you to design the Instant Integration approach?

MC: The word integration isn’t one that brings a smile to any casino manager’s face. Commonly, it means a never-ending stream of problems, time and overrunning budgets, eventually resulting in unpredictable financial results. It’s a risky bet! 

That’s what we wanted to challenge head-on. Our goal is to make integration feel more like a walk in the park. Our company methodology allows us to implement iterative improvements continuously, with our agile approach fostering rapid adaptations and optimisations in its integration processes. This benefits both us and our partnered casino operators.

CasinoBeats: What do you consider to be a standard approach to integration?

MC: Traditionally, integrating new games into an online casino can be a tedious and lengthy process, often spanning several months or even years. Wazdan’s Instant Integration approach can dramatically shorten this cumbersome task, providing casino operators with a significantly faster time-to-market for new games.

CasinoBeats: How important are technical support and customer service in the business?

MC: Within the igaming industry, continuous technical support and high-quality customer service are paramount. We profoundly emphasise prioritising our customers’ needs, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience for the end-users. 

By offering dedicated technical support and maintaining our strong focus on customer satisfaction, we aim to build lasting and fruitful partnerships with casino operators. Instant Integration brings the same high-quality, concierge-like approach right to the beginning of our relationship with casino partners, facilitating a jump-start directly into monetisation. 

Instant Integration looks to be a game-changer, both for Wazdan and for the wider industry. It offers casino operators an unprecedented opportunity to swiftly integrate Wazdan’s impressive array of games into their platforms, with an emphasis on efficiency, continuous improvement and unparalleled customer support. The provider is setting new standards for the igaming integration process, effectively benefitting operators and players alike.