Nevada gaming bounces back as
July revenue reaches $1.4bn

Las Vegas Strip
Image: Shutterstock

Nevada gaming operators saw revenue bounce back across all segments in July, with figures from the Las Vegas Strip improving against previous year comparisons as well.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has published data revealing the Silver State’s operators earned $1.4bn in July revenue, up 6.69 per cent year-over-year (July 2022: $1.3bn) and an increase against June’s $1.25bn.

July was also a month in which revenues from the Strip rose by 7.95 per cent YoY to $834.9m (2022: $773.4m). The month’s figure was also an improvement on June’s $727.3m.

Per segment, slot machines, table games and sports betting all saw revenue growth in comparison to the previous year and the previous month.

Slot revenue improved by 6.1 per cent YoY to $890.8m (2022: $839.6m) with the biggest contribution coming from multi denomination with $513.3m, up 18.82 per cent YoY (2022: $432m).

Only two other slot machine types saw growth in comparison to the previous year – 100 dollars at $3.2m, up 50.65 per cent YoY (2022: $2.1m) and five cent at $3.8m, up 5.27 per cent YoY (2022: $3.6m). 

25 dollar slots had the biggest decrease during the month, falling by 17.76 per cent YoY to $2.9m (2022: $3.5m), followed by five dollars dropping by 13.89 per cent to $6.7m (2022: $7.8m).

Table, counter and card games revenue for July came in at $513.1m, up 7.71 per cent YoY (2022: $476.4m) with the best-performing game being baccarat with $193.3m, up 40.03 per cent YoY (2022: $138m). Blackjack revenue dropped by 12.54 per cent YoY to $108.7m (2022: $124.3m).

Mini-baccarat fell the most against previous year comparatives, falling by 25.23 per cent YoY to $7.35m (2022: $9.8m), followed by let it ride which decreased by 25.41 per cent YoY to $1.4m (2022: $1.9m), and roulette which dropped by 14.7 per cent YoY to $39.6m (2022: $46.4m).

July’s sports betting increased in comparison to the previous year by 55.7 per cent to $25.3m (2022: $16.2m).

For the month, the state of Nevada collected $95.7m in taxes, up 5.94 per cent compared to the previous year (2022: $90.4m).