The simplicity and speed of crash games have helped to make them a valuable player acquisition tool for operators, according to Vigen Safaryan, Chief Product Officer of Galaxsys.

Ahead of the studio’s participation in next week’s SBC Summit Barcelona, Safaryan told CasinoBeats why the games have proved so popular with players, and how operators can use them to attract a new audience and reactivate dormant customers. 

CasinoBeats: With many operators’ slots lobbies now looking the same and featuring many of the same titles, how can crash games help them to differentiate themselves from the competition?

Vigen Safaryan: Crash games have a broad appeal across player groups. Part of the reason is these games have been popular in the crypto scene for some time and are now gaining more mainstream interest. 

The appeal is centred around the game experience, which offers players a simpler game immersion with streamlined choices during the game session. Players don’t have to learn the nuances of traditional slot games – all the features, wilds, paylines, etc, can be overwhelming for players within their decision making and, of course, their available time.

Crash games appeal, as you can start playing quickly, when perhaps you haven’t the time. It’s a less complicated experience and players also feel more empowered and in control of their game play. 

Crash games therefore offer a quicker game play experience, but at the same time provide the ability to interact with the brand platform, which is key to building loyal customers for any casino.

CB: In your view, what makes fast games so engaging and effective for acquisition? And what about for player retention?

VS: As we discussed above, many traditional slots from an acquisition standpoint have complicated terms and conditions associated with the sign-up bonus and play-through. And the offer is usually tied into a particular slot, which the new player may be unfamiliar with.

Fast games allow players to engage with the brand quickly – a sort of first impression if you like – and given the uncomplicated game design, mechanics etc, players can learn and enjoy the game unhindered. 

Retention, and reactivation, provides casino marketing teams and compliance teams with a different offering. It’s an easy communication to reach out to dormant players and say, ‘hey, we have this cool game, why not try it?’

Overall, general player behaviours and trends are moving to simpler, quicker game experiences as players simply don’t have the necessary available free time or mental bandwidth to figure out all the intricacies of standard slot games.

CB: Where have you seen the biggest adoption of fast games, in terms of territories and profile of operator? 

VS: Broadly speaking, we as a business are seeing market growth globally, so across all territories and markets. We have recently had our games certified in Switzerland, Greece, and Colombia. Continental Europe continues to see year-on-year growth for Galaxsys, including markets like Greece, while LatAm also remains a robust market for our games portfolio.

CB: We’ve seen a growing trend of influencers playing crash games on social media, particularly on TikTok. What makes the games such engaging content in that environment? And could crash games be the key for casinos looking to unlock the door to social media success, in a way that slots can never do? 

VS: The general thread here is that TikTok is highly visual as a consumption channel, but also the content delivered to viewers is short-form video, so followers can dip in and out quickly with their favourite influencer, especially when everyone’s ‘free personal time’ is at a premium.

Furthermore, crash games are fast gameplay. You can just watch and consume, without having to overthink what is actually happening in front of you via your device’s screen  – it doesn’t overburden your emotional memory, you can enjoy the ephemeral moment.   

Crash games are an important product category for sure, and socialisation or shared experiences are the way forward for casinos, especially looking to their next set of customers that have and only know social media platforms. So certainly, crash games help to deliver a wider social appeal, but it must be part of a casino’s long-term strategy to attract these digital-first natives. 

CB: In your experience, which sorts of titles are the most effective at driving player acquisition for igaming operators?

VS: When discussing the most effective titles for driving player acquisition in the igaming industry, it’s essential to consider a combination of factors that can vary based on market trends, player preferences, and your target audience. In my experience, success in player acquisition depends on a few key elements:

Game Quality: The most critical factor is the quality of the game itself. Engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, immersive themes, and innovative features are essential. Players are likelier to join and stay with an operator if they enjoy the games.

Variety: A diverse portfolio of titles is crucial. While some players may prefer slot machines, others may be drawn to card games, sports betting, or live dealer games. A wide range of games ensures you can cater to different tastes and preferences.

Licensing and Partnerships*: Collaborations with popular franchises, sports teams, or celebrities can significantly boost player acquisition. These partnerships can help attract a dedicated fan base interested in the associated brand or personality.

Exclusive Content**: Offering exclusive titles or early access to upcoming releases can create excitement and anticipation among players. They are more likely to join an operator that provides access to games they can’t find elsewhere.

Promotions and Bonuses: Effective marketing campaigns and enticing promotions, such as free bets, free amounts, or in-game tournaments, can draw in new players. These incentives give players an extra reason to sign-up and play.

Galaxsys has consistently implemented these principles. For example, upcoming releases such as Ninja Crash, Totem, Magic Dice, Bingo Star, Lotto Boom, and Turbo Mines are visually-stunning instant games with unique bonus features, exclusive content, and in-game promo tools including leaderboard and free bet bonuses that are sure to captivate players. 

They also offer exclusive content for players who sign up with our operator partners. Additionally, our crash game-type series has proven to be a player magnet due to its built-in fanbase. 

CB: Galaxsys has agreed a number of distribution partnerships and secured some new licences in recent months. What can you tell us about them and how they will help the company’s growth? 

VS: Galaxsys’ recent distribution partnerships and licence acquisitions are significant milestones for the company’s growth and expansion in the igaming industry. These strategic initiatives demonstrate our commitment to strengthening our presence in key markets, enhancing our game portfolio, and providing added value to our partners and players. Here’s what I can share about these developments:

Galaxsys has entered into several distribution partnerships with leading igaming operators and platforms in various regions. These partnerships enable us to extend the reach of our games to a broader audience of players. By collaborating with established operators, we can leverage their existing player base and infrastructure to introduce our games to new markets.

Through these partnerships, Galaxsys gains access to new markets and demographics. This expansion helps diversify our player base, reducing dependence on specific markets and enhancing our resilience in the face of market fluctuations or regulatory changes.

Distribution partnerships often come with marketing and promotional support from operators. Our games will be prominently featured on their platforms, increasing visibility and attracting more players. Players may also receive special promotions and bonuses, further incentivising engagement with our titles.

With the help of these distribution partnerships, Galaxsys can acquire players more efficiently. The combined marketing efforts of our partners and our portfolio of high-quality games create a compelling proposition for both operators and players alike.

CB: What can visitors to the Galaxsys booth at SBC Summit Barcelona look forward to seeing? 

VS: Visitors to the Galaxsys booth at SBC Summit Barcelona can look forward to an extensive and diverse portfolio of igaming content, including more than 26 fast-paced games with unique scenarios and engaging gameplay. Our portfolio is designed to cater to a wide range of player preferences and ensure an exciting experience. Here’s what attendees can expect to see in our impressive game portfolio:

A variety of game types: Galaxsys offers a rich variety of games, including crash-type games, table games (like Blackjack and Roulette X), card games, turbo games, lottery-type games, dice games, bingo, and in-game promotion tools. This diversity ensures that operators can provide an extensive game library to their players.

Unique themes: Our games cover a spectrum of themes, from classic gameplay to futuristic space adventures, historical epics, fantasy realms, and more. Each game is meticulously crafted to transport players into immersive and captivating worlds.

Innovative features: Galaxsys games are known for their innovative features and mechanics. Visitors can explore games with bonus rounds, buy bonus features, lightning bonus (which is an alternative to the classic cashback bonus type), in-game leaderboard, and interactive elements that keep players engaged and entertained.

Come and visit the Galaxsys team at booth CG31 in the Casino and iGaming Zone.