GAMOMAT is celebrating 15 years of developing a market-leading slots portfolio that has grown to over 150 titles. CasinoBeats sat down with Founder & Managing Partner Dietmar Hermjohannes and Joint-Managing Director Dr Alexandra Krone to talk about the German game developer’s journey and future plans.

SBC: First of all, congratulations on celebrating your 15th anniversary! How was GAMOMAT established?

CB: When we look back, it’s been quite a journey for GAMOMAT since the business was founded in 2008. Our aim from the off was to create engaging and exciting content for the land-based gaming market. A passion for games and my enthusiasm for people were the key drivers behind the establishment of the company. 

As you know, the gaming industry landscape is constantly shifting and the biggest change was the rise of online. In order to continue growing, we needed to stay ahead of the curve and we made the decision in 2014 to diversify by providing games for the online market. Today, the GAMOMAT Group is a dedicated B2B online provider, with our games being live in more than 35 markets.

CB: What do you have planned to celebrate your 15th anniversary? 

DH: Our 15th anniversary is not only a time for reflection but one that will see us reinvent our classics to bring even more joy to players. 

We are pulling out all the stops to make it a memorable occasion. One way in which we’re celebrating is introducing a ‘Deluxe Games’ series that will see our most iconic games re-launched with enriched, cutting-edge graphics. We can’t wait for everyone to join the celebration and experience these deluxe games. 

In September, ‘Fancy Fruits Deluxe’ and ‘Royal Seven XXL Deluxe’ will be the first games to be available for players to enjoy in a brand-new light. We’re also planning to follow up these initial games with ‘Ramses Book Deluxe’ before the turn of the year. Additional games will join the ‘Deluxe Series’ in 2024, so watch this space.

We fully appreciate the role that our partners have played in our rise, and they will feature in these celebrations over the rest of the year.

CB: Now serving audiences in more than 35 countries and in 27 languages, how has GAMOMAT developed internationally as a business over the last 15 years? 

DH: Reflecting upon the international expansion of GAMOMAT over the past 15 years, it’s important to note the role that our dynamism and adaptability has played. 

Of course, this process was not without challenges. Consistent growth has required a deep understanding of local market nuances, regulatory standards, and player preferences, which can often change significantly from one region to another. 

Our mission is not just to be present within international markets, but truly local in each market we operate in. This has meant extensive investment in market research, localisation, and culturally-sensitive game development. 

GAMOMAT’s unique corporate culture has been instrumental in this journey. Alex has helped the company translate the importance of culture and values for the success of the company into action far more consciously than ever before.

CB: With a team of around 80 employees, what initiatives does the company have in place to support those employees? 

AK: As a company, we place a strong emphasis on creating a holistic working environment that stimulates a good work philosophy. This Good Work concept is intrinsically linked to each action or company initiative being individually meaningful. By following this superstructure, we make every activity fulfilling within the context of flexible, individualised working conditions that best suit our team.

Evidence of the fine work we’ve achieved within GAMOMAT has resulted in the company twice being certified as a Great Place to Work. This globally-recognised award acknowledges credible, fair corporate governance and active promotion of employees. GAMOMAT is currently listed among the Top 100 places to work in Germany.

We promote professional and personal growth through flexible, hybrid work models and individualised professional development initiatives. There is a wide selection of diverse training programmes that are accessible through our GAMOcademy. 

On top of this, we conduct annual feedback sessions between managers and employees to set individual developmental goals. The concept is named GAMOlog and is designed to nurture a culture of proactive feedback and serves as a tool for systematic personnel development.

Our GAMOMATies bring the philosophy to life daily, which is why we take employee well-being very seriously, providing a comprehensive range of healthcare services that help promote positive mental health. 

CB: What ESG initiatives does GAMOMAT have in place? 

AK: We are deeply committed to our environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. We’ve gone so far as to launch our own Gaming for the Climate initiative where we designate a portion of our revenue from a selected game each year to non-profit organisations fighting against climate change. 

This initiative not only symbolises our commitment to environmental protection but also invites our customers to be part of this vital cause. To date, we have partnerships with Healthy Seas, Borneo Orangutan Survival and most recently the African Wildlife Foundation.

On the social side, we support Krisenchat, a non-profit organisation offering free, confidential advice to children and young people in need. By doing so, we acknowledge the significance of mental health, particularly among the younger population, and make concerted efforts to back organisations addressing this concern. 

We’re proud that our ESG initiatives have been recognised in the wider gaming industry. This year, we were honoured to receive the Charitable Community Award at the International Gaming Awards, a testament to our continuous dedication to social responsibility.

CB: With a library of over 150 online slot games, which slot titles have stood out for GAMOMAT? 

DH: It’s challenging to single out just a few, I can say that our success isn’t dependent on any one title. Our revenue is driven by our top 20 games, each contributing its share to our overall success. This diversity ensures we cater to a wide range of player preferences, making our portfolio robust and resilient. 

If there was one title we had to highlight, it might just be Ramses Book as it’s fresh in our minds following being shortlisted for SBC’s very own Slot Legacy Award 2023. It’s a true classic that has been on the market for 10 years now and remains incredibly popular with players.

CB: Finally, what’s next on the horizon for GAMOMAT? 

AK: Looking ahead, our goal is to grow and extend our global presence. We are dedicated to cementing our position as a leading online gaming provider that is known for its exemplary reputation as a top employer. 

In the short term, we’ll be celebrating our 15 years as a business with internal parties for our employees as a thank you for all their hard work. We’re really excited by our Deluxe Series where we’ll keep bringing new titles into it, furthering our support for ESG initiatives.