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The National Council on Problem Gambling has begun a strategic partnership with Mindway AI, bringing the latter’s Gamalyze solution to its responsible gambling website –

Gamalyze is a self-test designed to spot risky gambling behaviour, using neuroimaging insights to provide individuals who may be at risk of developing gambling-related problems with personalised interventions.

NCPG noted that the partnership with Mindway AI will help them give “more engaging and actionable insights” and take a “significant leap forward” in improving their responsible gambling programmes, as well as the tools and services they have available for US players.

“We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with NCPG nationwide in the US,” commented Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI.

“This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to innovation in responsible gambling and our shared vision of creating a brighter future. Together, we will pave the way for industry transformation and redefine what’s possible. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era, and we’re ready to lead the way.”

The NCPG’s ResponsiblePlay helps those who choose to gamble to keep it fun with resources and information on how to play safely, problem gambling and where to get help if they need it. The website is also supported by the NFL via the NFL Foundation. 

Last month, Mindway AI also agreed to a Gamalyze partnership with the German sports betting association Deutsche Sportwettenverband.

Keith Whyte, Executive Director at the NCPG, added: “Education plays a pivotal role in preventing gambling-related harm.

“The integration of Gamalyze into will empower visitors with an innovative tool to help them make well-informed choices about their gambling behaviour.”