Reaching new audiences and cementing a position in a prosperous new market is key to the success of any online casino operator. 

Showcasing the ways in which Campeón Gaming has targeted success in budding markets, as well as inbound markets like Brazil, was Group CCO George Merodoulakis, who also touched on the current regulatory challenges facing operators. 

When questioned on the recent trends and developments that Campeón has experienced in the igaming sector, Merodoulakis stated that “regulatory scrutiny” is the “primordial thing that is happening” in the casino industry.

He said: “We operators, whether B2C or technology providers, are trying to adapt to that. I’ve been observing a major trend where the product offering and content has been commoditised, which means that we need to be smarter, we need to be faster into the market and we need to adapt better to market needs.

“You need to adhere to a very scrutinised regulatory framework, your technology has to adapt to the local standards, whether it’s for physical purposes, consumer communications or for responsible gambling. A lot of time goes into adapting your technology. In my view, adaptation of technology and localisation remain the key to success.” 

Delving into the new markets that Campeón is keeping an eye on, Merodoulakis commented: “Latin America, obviously we are following the developments very closely there. In 2024, we’re wanting to be present in a couple of markets there. 

“During 2023, we’re completing the application into European jurisdictions of Estonia and Denmark. Also, in 2024, we’re going to be applying for another three licences in Europe, with announcements to be made in due course.” 

Touching on localisation once more, Merodoulakis was asked how the company can really take advantage of its position in new markets, to which he responded: “At Campeón, what we’re trying to do is to listen to what the customers have to say. Unless you do that, I don’t think that you are going to taste the flavour of success.

“Especially in Latin America, we are in the midst of analysing key player behaviours and product trends and we are going to adjust our product offering to that. Whether that’s for Brazil, Ecuador or Chile, we’re going to go with the right product offering and the right proposition.”

To hear Campeón’s approach towards preparing for a reportedly close launch of Brazil’s regulated market, as well as the firm’s future plans in the remainder of 2023 and beyond, watch the video above.