Comtrade Gaming has completed the migration of the Spinbit brand onto its platform, with the platform provider also agreeing to power Spinbit’s operator brand, Spinbet

The migration, which was finalised back in September, will see Spinbit gain access to Comtrade’s iCore platform.

Steven Valentine, the Chief Commercial Officer at Comtrade Gaming, said: “We are absolutely delighted to announce this new agreement and successful migration of Spinbit. We pride ourselves in working with the best operators and providing them with the tools and resources to achieve their growth plans. 

“Migrating live operators is our main focus, and there is always a large, dedicated project team to ensure it’s a success. Within the first week of migration, we already saw a significant increase in Spinbit’s GGR now that they are using our platform.

“The Spinbit team is rewriting the marketing playbook when it comes to online operations and their attention to detail with player engagement is at the highest level. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Spinbit, based on a mutual belief in focus for growth through attention to detail.” 

Comtrade explained that its iCore platform aims to simplify operators’ businesses and provide the best player experience possible – something  that will benefit the Spinbet brand.

The iCore platform can be customised to the individual needs of Comtrade’s partner operators, who benefit from increased player lifetime values and a decrease in churn, making sure that players are entertained and – more importantly – engaged.

James Grant, Chief Operating Officer at Spinbit, added: “At Spinbit, our strategic choice of Comtrade Gaming’s iCore platform stems from our recognition of the vital importance of tailored software development to our specific needs. 

“The Comtrade Gaming approach of individual client attention gave us a lot of confidence and seeing the success of their other clients was very reassuring. We prioritise innovation as the key to our very ambitious growth plans, we want to break the mould in how we market ourselves and streamline operations, Comtrade Gaming gives us the technical capability to support our strategy. 

“The almost instantaneous significant growth has been highly welcomed, and we look forward to rolling out plans for new markets.”