Exhibiting at SBC Summit Barcelona for the first time, Spinza visited the city on the back of an eventful 2023 for the company, having branched out from a sole slot supplier to launching its own online casino platform, SpinBet

Joining CasinoBeats Business Journalist Danny Lee on a busy first day of the Summit was Niall Thomas, Spinza Co-Founder, to look back on the company’s growth in the online casino space and explain why suppliers “need to be bringing really fresh elements” to the table to avoid falling victim to a saturated slot market. 

Touching on Spinza’s motivation behind exhibiting at SBC Summit Barcelona as an upcoming name in the casino industry, Thomas stated: “I wouldn’t say we’ve got huge influence right now, but that’s what we’re aiming to get with these sorts of conferences.

“To distinguish ourselves, we’re aiming at having a much more innovative mathematical model behind a lot of our games. I think, especially for providers these days, [the market] is so saturated that you need to be bringing some really fresh elements. Otherwise, you’re just going to fall into the plethora of games that are out there already.”

Elaborating on the supplier side of the company’s decision to implement innovative maths make-ups into its slot releases, Thomas continued: “We’re aiming to have quite advanced mathematical models so that we can appeal to a wider audience. And for us, it’s especially more interesting to target the newer generation of gamblers.

“We’re more concerned with where the future of slots is going rather than what’s current. Everything is planned with what’s going to happen next for us.”

Moving on to the launch of operator brand SpinBet, Thomas said: “With SpinBet, the aim of the game is more functionality on the casino, being able to make the website a bit more fun, a bit more innovative.

“For me, and I say this with empathy because I gamble a lot myself, it’s all about making sure everything is fun and enjoyable, safe and secure. We always go for having a really strong personal touch, making sure that players really do feel like we’re there for them.

“We’re there to service them, and they are the most important thing to us.”