Incentive Games’ John Gordon, in a chat with CasinoBeats, shares some background on the launch of the firm’s Incentive Labs this week. It offers, he said, a “treasure trove of live data to assess and address in real-time”.

Igaming industry upstart Incentive Games has made a major new announcement this week – the official launch of its standalone data division, Incentive Labs. In a statement confirming the news, the company claimed that this is “just the latest proof-point of the global titan’s dominance, with its products being used in more than 100 countries globally”.

That’s a bold statement, but having initially built a reputation as a free-to-play provider, Incentive Games has emerged as being among the category leaders in the retention and acquisition capabilities it has offered from inception. And along the way the firm has partnered with most of the industry big names, including bet365, FanDuel, and Live Score Group.

That success, and the company’s key differentiator, has been built on its advanced harnessing of data, early adoption of tools such as AI, and targeted hiring of leading experts in the data space, long before – it claimed – the rest of the industry “cottoned onto the idea”.

The launch of Incentive Labs, Gordon said, marks a new chapter in the Incentive Games trajectory, underscoring its position as industry-leaders, and completing its journey from disruptor to leader.

Speaking to CasinoBeats, Gordon said: “We’ve always said that our best asset was our team. It’s why we moved to a fully-remote workforce, while retaining an office if you wanted to come in. It’s why we adopted a four-day working week. It’s why we pay well and treat them well – because we genuinely care about our staff.

“That process has paid off massively, and now we have a workforce stacked high with brilliant minds, with data scientists, chemical engineers, mathematicians, even one lad with a marketing diploma. Bless.

“Incentive Games has always been more than just a free-to-play game provider. It took people a while to understand that, really, we’ve always been an extensive customer acquisition, retention, and management system. An engagement specialist.

“It has always been a part of our offering, but formalising Incentive Labs marks the next step in our growth. We are working with the most exhaustive set of touchpoints in the gaming industry, overseen by an expert team boasting decades of experience. This thing is a superpower.

“What we used to find was clients would see what we did, and assume they could just get an intern or two to replicate it internally. They very quickly found out that our portfolio offers unparalleled depth, experience, and expertise. Nobody else can do what we do – and Incentive Labs is the pinnacle of that.”

According to Gordon, Incentive Labs users can harness the completely-customisable dashboard to gain real-time insights into game entries, while configuring games and products swiftly and effortlessly. It offers, he said, a treasure trove of live data to assess and address in real-time.

In a nutshell, Incentive Labs comprises The Hub, the command centre for users; Insights, an innovative, real-time tool for immediate implementation; Segmentation, analysis-based guidance; and AI Rewards, a signature AI tool, offering effortless, automated customisation to tailor incentives with precision

Gordon added: “A key part of Incentive Labs is our signature tool, AIR, which reduces waste, drives efficiencies, secures cost savings, and ensures proper rewards allocation.

“Our suite of tools can supercharge the impact of a free-to-play game as an all-round engagement approach – both as an acquisition tool, and also as a powerful retention device, too, for both new and existing customers.

“Each game we make is considered, and not just the same thing repackaged – they are bespoke feats of engineering, taking thousands of hours to craft, on average. And they create more engagements than a series of the Kardashians.

“We might not be turning water into wine, but we are turning acquisition into retention, and data into insights. Other deities are available, of course. And by that I’m not referring to myself. Honest.”