Epoxy.ai: bringing the Netflix and Spotify philosophy to gaming 


Personalisation can be integral to improving the gaming experience according to Jason Angelides, Founder and President of Epoxy.ai.

Angelides underlined that the approach of companies like Netflix, Spotify and even Amazon can be replicated when it comes to technology and philosophy within the gaming space in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the player. 

Speaking at the SBC Summit Latinoamérica, he analysed the current state of play for igaming in Latin America, he stated: “The space itself is like any other gaming space from the perspective of operators’ need for product differentiation at the end of the day. They need to understand their customers better and need to serve them with better end user experiences. 

“Product differentiation and fan engagement are very top of mind and we see this market is really no different. In fact, in many cases, we actually think this offers this market, given the fact that it is still emerging, an opportunity to really create differentiation much quicker than some of the more established markets.

“I think it’s pretty simple to understand, and I don’t want to keep going back to things like Netflix and so on, but there are thousands of games, and in many cases it’s very hard to scroll through and find things you’re looking for.

“With the right sort of behavioural analysis, metadata and analysis on the back end, we can provide the user with a much more tailored experience that also gives the gaming operator the capability to put the right forms of content in front of the end use and actually drive key metrics, whether it’s GGR, retention, churn.

“Imagine knowing enough about your customer to figure out when they’re actually going to get tired of an application and give them something else. It’s all about understanding user behaviour and tailoring the end user experience. Online casinos right now are still largely one to many, and we believe it should be one to one.”  

Angelides also reflected on how the company has grown since its formation, detailing the impact of the company securing investment and using it as a platform for growth. 

At the heart of progression is “growing the team, tech and intellectual property to help better serve customers”, according to Angelides, as he provided a positive outlook on future prospects for the firm’s scaling ambitions from a start-up. 

He continued: “I’d love to say that personalisation is such a differentiator, that if you don’t have it, you’re going to go out of business, but I don’t think that’s the case. I just look at leader companies in the space, leader companies in other spaces, if you look at what’s happened in commerce, if you’ve looked at what happened in music and in video, the leader organisations in those spaces have benefited significantly by reducing costs and increasing revenues.

“Is it the only key? No, but I think at the end of the day, building better products that are more tailored to the end user, and specific to what they’re interested in, and that understand them, is really a staple now in the digital world.”  

He added: “Our business is all about data and it really depends on what businesses want to do. They want to reduce their operating costs and they want to increase their revenue, and so we hit both sides of that.

“AI is really hard to do. It’s not a simple thing, and I don’t think that the audience that’s reading this would disagree with that. While it’s on a lot of roadmaps, it’s something that’s hard to get to. So we come in and help provide technologies that allow you to accelerate your roadmaps in a much, much more efficient way. So there’s cost savings there.”