The live casino segment is one that certainly seems to progress on a path of additional strength with each passing month, as more and more organisations target the space on a global scale in a bid to add further success to its operations.

Midway through the past year, Edvardas Sadovskis, CPO at BETER Live, spoke of taking the division, which forms one of three at BETER alongside sports and esports, to new heights through a series of overhauls and expansion strategies.

In our latest conversation, he discusses the importance of offering dedicated tables and studios, where we can expect expansion to come through the current year and what attendees can expect from this week’s London extravaganza.

CasinoBeats: You are attending the upcoming ICE 2024, how different is BETER Live since the last exhibition?

Edvardas Sadovskis: Since the last exhibition, BETER Live has experienced a significant transformation. We’ve strategically established a new studio in Romania, emphasising our dedication to operational excellence and a targeted approach to that market. 

The unveiling of our innovative promotional engine, featuring two fully automated features: ‘Bet & Get’ Bonus and ‘Tournaments’ leaderboards, demonstrates our commitment to enhancing user journeys and setting new standards for customer engagement.

In addition to the Gravity Series, our introduction of Gravity Roulette and Gravity Sic Bo showcases our dedication to infusing classic casino games with dynamic multipliers, providing players with an exhilarating experience. 

Speaking about our newest product vertical – the exploration of virtual RNG-based games further underlines our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and catering to the diverse preferences of our global audience.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce the successful development of a social casino solution tailored for the US market. 

This strategic move has resulted in successful partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the US, solidifying our position as a trusted and innovative partner in the gaming industry.

CB: BETER Live also offers dedicated tables and studios for its partners. Why is it important to expand this area?

ES: Our offer in dedicated tables and studios is driven by our industry expertise, providing a strategic advantage for both BETER Live and our partners. 

This project lowers player acquisition costs, enhances player retention and engagement, allows for product-specific localisation, and comes with dedicated marketing support. It offers a wide range of customisation options, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

CB: Could you give us an overview of some of the projects planned for 2024?

ES: In 2024, BETER Live has an exciting lineup of projects that align with our commitment to innovation and global expansion. 

Firstly, with our high-tech promotional engine, we’re set to introduce a third promotional tool, enhancing our ability to offer a more personalised and engaging experience for users.

One of the highlights of the year will be the launch of new games that will bring a unique proposition to the market, featuring dynamic multipliers. 

These games are designed to provide players with a fresh and exhilarating gaming experience, setting them apart in the industry.

Towards the end of the year, our focus will shift towards the development of a new game show, reflecting our dedication to pushing the boundaries of entertainment, and creating novel and immersive experiences for our audience.

In terms of market expansion, BETER Live has ambitious plans to broaden its presence in key regions. We will be focusing on strategic growth in Europe, Asia, and LatAm, aiming to establish strong footholds in these markets, and cater to the diverse gaming preferences of players worldwide.