Social mobile poker operator KamaGames has reported a healthy first half of 2018, in which the firm has shown continued growth and success across every metric.

Bucking the usual trend of a relatively quiet period during the summer months, June proved to be the most profitable of H1, in a period where daily active users (DAU) doubled as opposed to the same period in 2017.

Gross gaming revenue is also reported to have had a significant increase, with a 53 per cent boost on the $57.5m reported in the 2017 annual results seeing it rise to circa $88m.

Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO of KamaGames, said: “Obviously we are all delighted with these results and we pride ourselves on high-quality product output, regular updates to our existing games and a great relationship with our players.

“In H1 2018, we launched a line of slots games as well as adding new 3D games where players bet against the casino, Set Poker and Split Bet Poker. Our party modes have been as popular as ever, and we have added new modes too with Clone Party and Pair Party. Finally, we launched Multi Table Tournaments (MTT), which is very common among real money games, but we were the first to launch it into the social casino landscape.”

Audience growth is a crucial dynamic within the functioning of KamaGames, whose global player base exceeded the 100m mark earlier this year, and Kuznetsov went on to discuss the opportunities that lie in emerging markets: ”Asia and Latin America are two of the additional expansion opportunities for us. India, Brazil and Mexico are ranked as top countries by the number of downloads in Google Play and AppStore while showing good growth pace by revenue.

“We simply can’t ignore such markets if we want to continue growing our audience and revenue as well.”

Key markets cannot be put on the backburner however, and Kuznetsov concluded by explaining how KamaGames targets concerted growth in those nations, while at the same time expanding in the key markets of Europe and the US: “Europe and US are our number one priority markets both in terms of audience and revenue. Despite the fact competition in these regions is getting wild and the cost of user acquisition keeps rising, we still continue to invest heavily into marketing there.

“These markets have of the highest life-time value (LTV) of mobile users meaning that paid users will definitely reach their break-even point for developers. During the past several years we’ve managed to increase our share of DAU in the US and Europe as well as revenue. We are planning to grow there even more during the rest of this year.”