Bragg Gaming Group has lauded its “strong performance over the past year” as a key facet of the organisation’s graduation to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The B2B online gaming solutions provider, whose Oryx Gaming brand, purchased in the latter stages of 2018, continues its upward trajectory, is to move from the TSX Venture Exchange to the TSX this month.

“Bragg is well on its way to becoming a global leader in the online gaming space,” commented Paul Godfrey, board member at Bragg Gaming. “The listing on the TSX will generate increased awareness among institutional and global investors and will put the company squarely in the sights of major industry analysts. 

“As the global online gaming industry continues to expand at an exponential rate, investors are looking for companies with the technologies and expertise to lead the way, and Bragg is a prime example.”

The group, which praises its “fast-tracking” to the senior market as a “significant milestone,” will begin trading on the exchange on Wednesday 27 January, 2021.

In its most recent financial report, documenting the three month period ending September 30, 2020, Bragg reported revenue of €11.71m (2019: €6.81m) and gross profit of €5.08m (2019: €2.93m), which it aligned to continued international expansion driven by an uptick in commercial tie-ups.

“Uplisting to the Toronto Stock Exchange was one of my immediate goals when stepping into the CEO role,” Adam Arviv, CEO of Bragg Gaming, said of the group’s latest impending move. 

“It’s a significant milestone in our growth strategy, and we’re pleased that our strong performance has allowed us to make the move to the senior market.”