PokerMatch.UA receives green light to offer online poker games

PokerMatch.UA receives green light to offer online poker games in Ukraine
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PokerMatch.UA has been given the green light to organise and operate online poker games in Ukraine after receiving a licence from the country’s Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission.

The new licence, which the company believes will help “create a wholesome community around PokerMatch Ukraine”, follows on from a decision #386 made by the regulator on 25 June.

“The license is a big and important step for the entire company. PokerMatch will continue to popularise and develop sports poker in Ukraine and make players happy,” stated Victor Kyrychenko, CEO of the PokerMatch.UA.

According to Kyrychenko, gaining a licence to organise and operate online poker games will help create a social community among poker players.

He added: “Now there are great resources and platforms to bring people together according to their interests. Social networks, forums, meetings with players in a ‘live’ format – all this strengthens the trust users have in the company and, of course, gives the necessary feedback on the implemented projects and ideas for future plans.”

PokerMatch.UA outlined its plans to organise live series in Ukraine, with plans to place a focus upon the sports component of poker.

A spokesperson for PokerMatch.UA said: “We want to take a leading position in the Ukrainian market in the first year after legalisation. We are sure that with our arsenal of marketing tools, experience and understanding of poker player psychology, we will succeed.

“We will popularise sports poker, encouraging more and more Ukrainians to enter the world of this beautiful game.”