Print Studios has heaped praise on a “superb chance” to expand its presence across an array of regions and navigate “the patchwork multiplicity of Asia” after teaming-up with QTech Games.

This latest agreement, which continues the group’s momentum through 2022, will see the distributor integrate the Print Studios gaming suite to its burgeoning network, which also includes titles from Red Tiger, Big Time Gaming, Kalamba, Evolution, Yggdrasil, and more.

“We’re dedicated to evolving a relentless pipeline of top-class content that drives revenue for our partners,” commented Ulf Norder, CCO at QTech Games. 

“Accordingly, this deal with Print Studios highlights the consistent productivity of our diligent team. In the modern world, only premium games of the highest quality can positively delineate you from your competition. 

“Therefore, we’re thrilled to witness how Print Studios have stepped up to that challenge. It speaks to their immersive graphics, alongside the latest maths models for improved gameplay and high-variance volatility where required.”

Among the games being made available to QTech’s array of partners as a result of this agreement is Print Studios latest release Royal Potato which looks to heighten payouts via the firm’s SuperSpinners feature.

This partnership organically broadens Print Studios’ international footprint in Asia, as it looks to unlock untapped jurisdictions for diversified growth across the landscape. 

Filip Wargéus, CCO at Print Studios, explained: “We’re a band of well-credentialed gaming veterans, who have come together to bring our own unique blend of creativity and industry insights to a new venture around impactful game design, delivering exhilarating and dynamic experiences for the end user. 

“At Print, we’re committed to reimagining the space with deeper journeys, pushing the boundaries of slots creativity and volatility with some state-of-the-art graphics and modelling which foster a player experience that finally aligns with the modern era of digital entertainment. 

“You must have that blend of imagination and insight, if you’re going to separate yourselves from the crowd in a competitive environment. 

“Partnering with QTech represents a superb chance to expand our product distribution across a range of territories that constitute new markets for us. Indeed, when the time came to find an aggregator partner, QTech Games was a natural choice to navigate the patchwork multiplicity of Asia and its emerging markets.”