CasinoAlpha has set out on a mission to connect bettors with products which are both appealing, personalised but also prioritise safer gambling. 

The way in which the company is doing this, its new Chief Technical Officer Alex Bobes told CasinoBeats, is through “boundary-pushing technology”.

CasinoBeats: Congratulations on your new role, Alex! Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the technology space?

AB: Sure! So as you mentioned, I recently started my new role as the Chief Technology Officer of CasinoAlpha, however my career has always involved working with technology that pushes the boundaries. 

I have spent more than 13 years working in the technology industry. In my new role, I will be responsible for upgrading strategies and finding new opportunities for our team which, I believe, will help CasinoAlpha grow to new heights.

CasinoBeats: For those that might not know, what is CasinoAlpha?

AB: CasinoAlpha is an online gambling product available across multiple English-speaking markets, like the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada. We also have a Romanian version and are currently expanding into new markets.

Besides offering the classic affiliate products like casinos and bonuses, we are also expanding the information available to players. We are doing this in multiple ways:

  • Legal guides that translate betting jargon into text that is easy to understand
  • Advice and help for any stage of gambling addiction 
  • Rules, strategies and “how-to” guides for casino games 
  • Blogs and news to keep you in the loop with all on-point and adjacent subjects.

CasinoAlpha does even more than that behind the scenes. By using hours of research and testing, we keep adding operators to our database, pinning their features. After adding hundreds of such products, we are able to compare and make much better recommendations. All that happens in the background of a very open-minded work environment!

CasinoBeats: How does CasinoAlpha tie into the Extremoo Group?

AB: CasinoAlpha wouldn’t have been able to rise to these standards and expand if the team behind it hadn’t been pushing the boundaries and kept fighting for improvements.

Extremoo Group was set up around six years ago. They went through several stages of evolution across multiple markets. That means even major legislative changes, restrictions and player preferences. 

Using their own background and experiences, they are well equipped to know what players need. Their team has experience within the gambling sector too, so the wall between general analysis and user needs is demolished.  

Extremoo prides itself in the following core principles that you will see reflected in CasinoAlpha too:

  • All work is based on and grown by a professional attitude and mindset
  • Working towards a genuine good reputation
  • Possible evolution where opportunities arise
  • Meritocracy career opportunities and growth 

CasinoBeats: So you briefly touched upon your new role. What will your day–to-day as CTO look like?

AB: My main mission will be to create, update and use the options of advanced digital platforms at total capacity. Powered by CasinoAlpha’s technology, these platforms will try to better the process of online gambling by matching a player with their needs.

In my opinion, there has always been a discrepancy between players’ needs (within safe limits) and the options they have. These are about to thin out soon.

CasinoBeats: What future improvements can we expect?

AB: We certainly have a number of improvements in the pipeline, that’s for sure! CasinoAlpha, which is owned by Extremoo Group, will continue to educate gamblers through the full provision of information which will allow bettors to make the best possible decisions.

We will also continue to test sites and rate them, making sure that we are only promoting the safest options. By fine tuning our offering, we can help CasinoAlpha to grow exponentially. 

You can expect us to draw upon artificial intelligence, blockchain and other disruptive technologies. Put simply, you can expect tech-driven openness and accelerated growth.

CasinoBeats: Looking to the future, what do you anticipate as being the biggest challenges that CasinoAlpha faces? And how do you plan to overcome these?

AB: Of course, the looming and omnipresent problem in the industry has always been problem gambling. CasinoAlpha is tackling that daily by including a section on Responsible Tools & Solutions in all of our presentations.

On the brighter side, we can expect that some issues we’ve been dealing with for a long time will be fixed with the help of self-learning AI. We look forward to the next updates!