Vibra Gaming, a games developer for the LatAm region, has launched Roulette European – the first title in its new range of table games.

The firm has released its own version of a classic game for players across ‘a host of major LatAm casino brands’, whilst its other table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Sic Bo.

Ramiro Atucha, CEO at Vibra Gaming, explained that mobile was at the forefront of development, adding: “We wanted our clients to have the chance to play roulette whenever and wherever they chose, feeling the same adrenaline of the casino when the ball starts spinning. 

“That is why we created a dynamic game suitable for any device that accurately captures the moment where the tension and excitement are hanging in the air, are you are waiting for the spin of the wheel and the ball to come to a stop. We’re confident it will soon become a timeless classic of its own.”

Featuring what has been described as a ‘close to real-life’ design and a user-friendly interface, Roulette European invites players to try their luck by choosing from a wide range of betting options.

This includes one or more numbers from 0 to 36, street or corner, line or column, dozens, colour, odd or even number, low or high number, among others.

Players can also play in Racetrack mode and select different betting areas by choosing among Thirds, Orphans, Zero, and Zero Neighbours. Moreover, they can pick pairs of ‘neighbours’, where they are allowed to choose five numbers at the same time.

The new game offers a variety of new features including the table record, a display of the winning numbers from the last 14 rounds; hot numbers, the eight most frequently drawn; cold numbers and the eight least drawn numbers. 

Before placing down their chips, players can check table statistics from graphs that show the performance of the last rounds, both by number and by colour or odd/even categories.