The Juroszek family has acquired an additional tranche of shares in Gaming Innovation Group to become the largest shareholder of the company.

Through the addition of an extra 1,324,145 shares, the Juroszek’s, through a number of investment vehicles, currently own 14,285,614 (11.08 per cent) of GiG.

The company is labelled as “one of the most attractive and interesting igaming companies on the public market,” with the additional slice said to have taken due to the undervalued nature and great potential possessed by GiG.

Subsequently, MJ Investments now owns 5,217,606 (4.05 per cent) of GiG, Betplay Capital holds 4,832,342 (3.75 per cent) and Juroszek Holding counts 4,235,666 (3.28 per cent).

Mateusz Juroszek, Chief Investment Officer of Betplay Capital and CEO of STS, Poland’s largest betting group, said: “We as a family want to be a long-term investor. 

“Our goal is to support the business and its growth. As a family we have been involved in the igaming industry for over 20 years and our aim is to extend our engagement in GiG’s shareholder’s structure.”

Earlier in the year, GiG commenced a strategic review that could split the group into two independent publicly listed companies. 

This, it was said at the time, intends to “remove hurdles and unleash new possibilities”, with the move aiming to swell revenue and EBITDA by 50 per cent and 70 per cent year-on-year, respectively.

This would split the group into a pair of core business divisions, the first of which would be media services that would comprise lead generation businesses that generate online gambling leads through online media buys and publishing.

A platform and sportsbook segment would include technical igaming platforms, including the acquired Sportnco, front end development and other managed services, such as player safety, customer operations and CRM/marketing. 

“When it comes to the media part of GiG’s business, the revenues have grown tremendously recently. They come from multiple and well diversified markets,” Juroszek added. 

“The company also acquired a number of entities and secured a list of crucial partnerships. GiG focused also into the Americas and I believe that is a key for future growth.

“We are also very happy with the acquisition of Askgamblers and we can see great work done by GiG Media team to turn that business around.

“The second part of business is developing very well too – it is a number one platform when it comes to market access with over 40 secured licences. GiG, after the acquisition of Sportnco, is extending into sports betting which will create a new leg of revenues for the company and their offerings are now becoming a full stop shop.”

Last month, the Juroszek family agreed on terms for a £750m deal to sell STS Group outright to Entain and EMMA Capital.