Flows to enhance customer experience for Betroyale & Kabukicasino

Customer experience
Image: Shutterstock

Flows has agreed to deals with operators Betroyale and Kabukicasino through its partnership with Quantum Gaming for the utilisation of its automation platform.

The deal with both Betroyale and Kabukicasino will use Flows’ automation platform to provide tailored experiences to customers via the Quantum Gaming platform.

Utilising both Flows and Quantum Gaming’s platforms, the pair will be able to navigate technical procedures with ease to create new features and automate personalised campaigns, promotions and betting options.

Through its platform partnership with Quantum Gaming, Flows already has a similar automation platform agreement in place with the operator Wikibet.

Oliver De Bono, CEO of Quantum Gaming, noted: “Quantum Gaming is thrilled to be able to provide its operators with top-notch, reliable, and intuitive tech and support, and Flows is an important partner on that journey. Together, we are expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in igaming.”

Flows’ plug-in no-code platform uses a single interface and workflow automation tool to support businesses in accelerating development and fast-tracking integrations.

Flo, the platform’s language-activated AI software development tool, allows Flows’ clients and marketplace partners to deliver new features and products quickly without the need for roadmaps, reducing development time.

James King, CEO of Flows, added: “We are really proud to further our partnership with Quantum Gaming by supporting more of its operators as they drive to deliver excellence within their markets. It’s great to see two ambitious brands see the value that Flows can bring to their business in this powerful collaboration alongside Quantum Gaming.

“Our platform, designed to empower and supercharge operations, finds a perfect fit with Quantum’s exceptional gaming platform. Together, our tech is pushing boundaries, innovating, and redefining the gaming industry. At Flows, we don’t just enhance; we supercharge.”