Image: Kindred Group

Kindred Group has witnessed a slight increase on both yearly and quarterly terms regarding the share of company revenue that is derived from harmful gambling. 

Through the third quarter, this percentage stood at 3.3 per cent, which is in contrast to the 3.8 per cent reported one year earlier and the 3.1 percentage points during the second quarter of 2022.

In addition, this latest result also comes in contrast to the 3.3 per cent and 3.1 per cent, which were highlighted during the current year’s first and second quarter, respectively.

Despite reaffirming a commitment to “work actively to achieve a safer gambling experience for all customers”, the online gambling group has again recognised that “further steps need to be taken” in order to establish a long-term sustainable industry across all markets.

“In the past quarter, automated interventions have been rolled out continuously and enhanced features in the safer gambling toolkit have been implemented to provide a more comprehensive responsible gambling journey across Kindred’s brands,” Kindred noted.

“The data for 2023 indicates that while the trend is consistent, more needs to be done.”

Despite this, improvement across detected customers improving their gambling behaviour after an intervention has been reported. A high of 86.7 per cent is said to reflect a “steady positive trajectory of the improved behaviour”.

During the past three quarters, this percentage has stood at 82.1 per cent through Q4 2022, as well as 83 per cent and 86.4 per cent through the preceding pair of three month periods.  

This latest report comes ahead of the company detailing its full financial performance during 2023’s July to September time frame, which will come later this week on Thursday 26 October.