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Las Vegas Sands Corporation is hosting its sixth annual responsible gaming ambassador training, in recognition of Problem Gambling Awareness Month across the United States.

Led by University of Nevada’s Dr. Bo Bernhard, beginning today and ending March 8, eighty team members will be taught to identify problem behaviour and get help to compulsive gamblers, adding further resources to the firms responsible gaming efforts worldwide.

The training program focuses on the science of addictions such as problem gambling, treatment resources available in the community and best practices for assisting guests in a sensitive manner.

Maria-Christina Annaloro, director of government relations and social sciences at Las Vegas Sands, said: “It’s imperative that our Team Members understand the complexity of problem gambling, because their interactions can be pivotal in connecting people in need to the resources that can help.  

“Our top priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our guests, our Team Members and our community.”

Other team member educational initiatives for Problem Gambling Awareness Month include ongoing communications about best practices for addressing problem gambling, information on services available in the community and access to a white paper on gambling disorder from Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction.