Dragon Kings is the latest slot release from developer Betsoft.


Out now.


“Legends come roaring to life in Dragon Kings, the new video slot that remixes ancient myth with modern artwork, contemporary music, and a raft of unique game mechanics.”


Dragon Kings draws from the deep well of Chinese folklore to create a cast of fresh characters, and a deluge of special features with universal appeal.

Its stars are the dragons that once controlled the four seas; each resides on its own reel, and each has its own unique power that can turn the tide of the game in an instant. From instant prizes to duplicating wilds, players will want to seek the favour of these ocean-dwelling spirits the same way sailors once prayed to them for a placid voyage.


Legend also tells of a fifth dragon, who ruled over even the protectors of the seas. In-game, the king of the deep appears in all his glory, as a full-height animated character who doubles the payout of winning lines, creates wave upon wave of multipliers, and can offer safe passage to Dragon Kings creative tiered jackpots.

The special sixth reel contains just one symbol – a magical pearl – that creates regular moments of suspense as it clicks into place to unlock a life-changing jackpot, or opens the floodgates for a tsunami of free spins.

With equitable jackpots, a double-up mini-game, and a new buy-in mechanic, Dragon Kings contains a flow of features sure to sweep any serious slot player off their feet.


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