Better Collective: Responsible gaming is nothing without transparency

Philipp Lach, director of group brand sites for Better Collective, talks to CasinoBeats about responsible gambling – and the importance of fairness and transparency

CB: How can being transparent and fair help both the casino players and be good for business?

PL: “It all depends on who you ask. If you’re just out for a quick buck, then it doesn’t help. It’s important that we focus on the long-term benefits for both parties.

“Being fair and transparent towards players will result in happier customers and a higher probability for long-term satisfaction. Transparency and fairness will also add trustworthiness among the players and will in turn help you build a solid reputation.”

“Inform the players they’re not primarily in it for big money but for entertainment and to treat it the same as another enjoyable experience.”

How can the casino industry improve on fighting gambling addiction?

“There’s a large number of things the industry can do to help protect players. One approach is to market casino as a form of entertainment. Inform the players that they’re not primarily in it for the big money but for the entertainment and to treat it the same as another enjoyable experience, such as watching their favourite television programme or going out with friends.

“We’ve already come a long way, with technology helping operators to recognise the signs of those players potentially heading into the danger zone. But there’s always room for
improvement as technology and research into problem gambling continue to progress. From an affiliate point of view, we constantly remind players about the possible risks by using education to help them understand the potential dangers.”

What can casino affiliates do more for responsible gambling?

“As an affiliate, we are constantly looking to both protect players and ensure that we are 100 per cent compliant. Whether it’s promoting bonuses or offering sign-up matches, it’s
important that was do everything in our power to protect.

“But it also helps us to be more transparent for the players. Affiliates are generally the first resource a potential gambler meets, so it’s important that we offer them a safe and enjoyable environment.”

In terms of that ‘safe and enjoyable’ environment, what would a perfect casino look like to you?

“The perfect casino ensures every player feels like they are VIP, regardless of whether they
are a high-roller looking for high volatility slots or a low stakes player who prefers the
entertainment side of a night at the casino.

“It’s all about giving the same quality experience such as offering a more personalised experience that is tailored to suit the wants and needs of a player.”

Where will the casino industry be in 10 years – how will player protection differ?

“The casino industry will continue to grow. The technology is going to be even more advance to make it even more entertaining, but perhaps more importantly advances in technology will allow affiliates, suppliers and operators alike to protect players.

“Innovative technologies, software and artificial intelligence will help the industry keep players safer than ever.

“So, in the shorter term, the whole casino industry will be more fair, more transparent and more entertaining.

Philipp Lach has been with Better Collective since 2011. He previously oversaw Better Collective’s activities on the DACH markets, as well as its optimisation department. Recently he was appointed director of group brand sites, focusing on achieving growth in brand awareness and visibility of the company’s biggest websites.