Raketech has announced the launch of Cryptimi.com, a new media product sitting “somewhere between gaming affiliation and financial comparison”.

Cryptimi.com aims to deliver high-quality content that rates the leading digital currency exchange platforms and new blockchain-based businesses.

The new site was developed by the Raketech Lab and hopes to become a leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain media industry by providing trustworthy news, tutorials, guides and reviews of cryptocurrency exchange platforms and blockchain businesses.

In a statement, Raketech said: “The end-goal is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain-based businesses easily accessible and understood by the masses.

“The website is designed to provide knowledge for crypto newcomers and also more advanced advice for digital currency traders and investors.

Michael Holmberg, CEO of Raketech, added: “The cryptocurrency world is innovative and forward-thinking, and Cryptimi.com is our path into this exciting industry. The product fits somewhere between gaming affiliation and financial comparison, two areas in which Raketech has vast experience.

“We are surrounded by leaders in the crypto industry in Malta, have a passionate team behind the product and therefore have an excellent opportunity to make our mark within this industry.”

Raketech has secured affiliate partnerships with the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and hopes to grow in a new space that is currently thriving in Malta, the self-styled “Mediterranean blockchain island”.

Earlier this year, Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat used his address at the United Nations in New York to highlight the island’s blockchain credentials,