Galaxy Entertainment Group has set about engaging with the Japanese public, as it strives to correct a series of misconceptions that exist across the country concerning integrated resorts.

With the region in the midst of embracing up to three IR’s, Ted Chan, GEG’s chief operating officer of Japan development, has been addressing a number of issues that have chiefly cropped up due to the little knowledge of, and experience in, modern day IR’s.

Speaking at an open forum on IR global leadership development in Tokyo, and quoted on Inside Asian Gaming, Chan stressed the importance of detailing the benefits that could be brought across the country as a result of IR developments: “Whilst we are happy to be industry disruptors, we also believe in the importance of balancing social harmony as the route to success … and we are now going through a similar process here in Japan.

“Through carefully listening to the community, we have learned that there are many misperceptions about IRs in Japan. This does not surprise us. But if IRs are to be truly accepted in Japan it is important that we the industry and you the community work together harmoniously toward a common goal.”

Furthermore, Chan also discussed what he believes are six common misinterpretations across Japan, those being that an IR is just a casino, it places a sole focus on gaming consumers, an increase in gambling addiction will be felt, the wider community will not gain any benefits, they are playgrounds for adults only and entertainment contained is not cultured.  

With a heavy reliance on information garnered from the media, movies and television, Chan emphasised that responsibility falls on operators to fully educate the Japanese public: “A truly integrated resort is a complex array of facilities and attractions, developed for the enjoyment of a wide and diverse group of customers, employees and stakeholders. And a truly responsible IR operator goes far beyond simply developing and managing a world class facility.

“At Galaxy we believe in listening, collaborating and sharing our success with the community. By striking a balance between business excellence and social responsibility, misperceptions about IRs can be reduced and the business will perform with greater harmony in the community. Should we be given the opportunity, we look forward to doing the same here in Japan.”