Yggdrasil has rolled-out a new collaboration with Black Cow, with the global game engine partnership seeing the latter integrate its game development kit platform with the firm’s new game adaption, tools and interface solution.   

Lauded as the power behind the YG masters program, it enables global and local studios and game developer partners with instant access to game engines and a swift route to new markets.

Launched last month, which saw Yggdrasil stress that it’s new arm offers customers “the keys to its kingdom,” Black Cow becomes the first GDK partner of the new division.

Black Cow will build game engines for studios who join the YG Masters program. They will achieve this by integrating their GDK platform into Yggdrasil’s new GATI solution.

It’s hoped that once complete, studios and game developers who were previously unable to deliver their own game engines, will have an efficient route to building and distributing content. 

The collaboration also means that Black Cow’s existing studio partners can quickly and easily become YG Masters partners, benefiting from distribution and marketing tools.

Tony Plaskow, commercial director at Black Cow Technology, commented: “Black Cow is honoured and excited to be partnering with Yggdrasil in its new Publishing venture. By integrating our GDK into GATI we provide an efficient and rapid way for prominent game developers to build and distribute their games into Publishing’s valuable universe.” 

The original YGS Masters program has been significantly upgraded with the introduction of Yggdrasil’s GATI, which to be a further disruptor to the existing igaming industry.

Using GATI, YG Masters partners will be free to build game engines in any way, language or method with Black Cow’s proven GDK acting as one conduit for delivery should game studios want that support.

Stuart McCarthy, head of partner strategy and sourcing at Yggdrasil, explained: “I’m delighted to be able to announce our partnership with Black Cow. Our revolutionary GATI solution allows studios and game developers to build directly onto our platform, thus benefiting from our global distribution, promotional tools and regulated market adaptors while taking control of their roadmap and retaining complete protection of their IP. 

“By adding Black Cow’s proven gold standard GDK technology for studios looking for game engine build we believe we have created the perfect go-to solution for any game studio looking to quickly, efficiently and securely get their games to market.” 

As part of its new strategic approach, Yggdrasil is franchising its entire business, from current and future content and gamification to its platform technology and new GATI product. This will enable partners to instantly create their own end-to-end igaming offering supported by, and in partnership with, Yggdrasil Publishing. 

The current three core value propositions for the Publishing arm are: YG Franchise, for platform IP licensing, YG Masters, regarding game development and distribution program and YG Game IP for game IP licensing.