MGM Resorts International has partnered with the University of Nevada Las Vegas College of Education to provide free virtual tutoring.

As part of the deal, MGM will provide free virtual tutoring for children of active MGM Resorts employees for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. The partnership will center on both small group tutoring as well as family engagement sessions aimed at supporting MGM employees and their families.

“UNLV College of Education is proud to further the partnership between MGM Resorts and UNLV,” said Dr. Danica G. Hays, interim dean of the UNLV College of Education. “Providing education-related services such as tutoring and family engagement supports and is well-aligned with our College’s community commitment to advancing education outcomes for Nevada’s children and families.”

This latest partnership continues MGM Resorts trend in investing in communities, which it labels as a ‘top priority. 

In 2018, the company announced the re-establishment of the MGM Resorts Scholarship Program for Children of Employees. The scholarship helped high school graduates increase their access to post-secondary opportunities, including universities, community colleges and recognised certification programs.

Also, in 2018, the Nevada Board of Regents approved a partnership between the Nevada System of Higher Education and MGM Resorts that made higher education affordable and accessible to its nearly all active employees throughout the U.S.

“We are proud to partner with UNLV to provide a pivotal resource for the children of our employees during this extremely volatile school year,” said Jyoti Chopra, chief people, inclusion and sustainability officer at MGM Resorts International

“We believe in the holistic well-being of our people and their families; If the children of our employees have the academic programs and after-school support that they need to succeed academically, it alleviates stress and gives our workforce the opportunity to bring their best efforts into the workplace.”