Wizard Games, a subsidiary of NeoGames, has announced the appointment of Benedict McDonagh as Managing Director in a move to “take the studio to the next level”.

QTech Games has named Staffan Lindgren to the combined roles of global CEO and chairman, as the group looks to expand its scope and global footprint across the industry.

Leveraging deep experience and expertise, alongside an extensive network of long-standing relationships, QTech says that Lindgren is “well-positioned” to lead on corporate strategy and business development amid an acceleration in digital entertainment.

The board of QTech issued a statement saying: “We’re delighted that Staffan has agreed to take the helm at QTech Games for 2021 and beyond. We’ve always been intent on recruiting the best people on the planet, not just the best games, and this crucial hire represents the embodiment of that mission statement, as our progressive company looks forward to turning the page on many more exciting chapters.

“To have one of the sector’s most proven performers head up QTech Games is a resounding endorsement of all our team’s hard work in recent years.”

Lindgren, who boasts over 20 years experience in the technology and finance industry, was brought into QTech Games’ structure via last year’s merger with games reseller Epic Media. 

Lindgren added: “It’s a genuine thrill to be taking on this fresh challenge alongside one of the sharpest teams I’ve met in the industry. After another record year of sustained growth in 2020, enhancing the speed and performance of all games on its platform, QTech has careered into the industry consciousness with a series of new top-tier deals and innovative tools. 

“Just take the landmark launch of our industry-first, cross-supplier rewards feature, Network Progressive Jackpot, unpacking a cutting-edge acquisition-and-retention toolbox for our international partners. It’s only a small sign of what’s to come. 

“I’ve been active in Asia for a long time, but this is the ideal point at which to press my skills into more structured service at QTech Games. We remain the prime mover in Asia, while other key growth territories are swiftly following suit. 

“Implementing the correct strategy in our ‘two cornerstones’ model has been pivotal. Firstly, beyond the great games, fully owning the technology sets QTech apart, enabling us to offer a number of flexible features which no competitor can rival. 

“And secondly, outside of Asia, we’ve secured strongholds in all the important ‘margin’ markets, demonstrating organic growth across channels and borders. It grants us a unique position and status in the space.”