EPIC stands by Kindred on its Journey to Zero campaign

EPIC Risk Management is set to continue a long-standing partnership with Kindred, after announcing it will contribute to the latter’s Journey to Zero panel. 

Announced earlier this week, the panel will host a number of focus groups and workshops using panellists from a range of organisations, including BetKnowMore and DealMeOut alongside EPIC, to aid Kindred on its mission to have a zero per cent share of revenue come from harmful gambling. 

Dan Spencer, EPIC’s Director of Safer Gambling, commented: “EPIC have been working with Kindred for some years now and recently extended that partnership to provide expert insight and consultation to help their Journey towards Zero.

“We want operators to be ambitious in their safer gambling endeavours and encourage collaboration across the industry to achieve this. We are delighted to be able to provide this further consumer insight that ultimately will lead to better player protection.”

In addition to organising workshops and discussions, the Journey to Zero panel will look to assess the Player Safety – Early Detection system to understand and identify areas for improvement and further collaboration. 

Kindred launched its campaign towards a zero per cent share of revenue from harmful gambling in February 2021 and has closely tracked the statistic since the Journey to Zero’s inception. 

Revealed in the company’s Q4 figures for 2022, Kindred’s share of revenue from harmful gambling sat at 3.3 per cent, an improvement of 0.5 per cent on Q3’s 3.8 per cent. 

Although Kindred’s figures are showing small strides in the Journey to Zero, its CEO, Henrik Tjärnström, maintained the belief that more needs to be done if the campaign is to ever meet its target.

“I’m glad to see that the share of revenue from harmful gambling is once again on a downward trajectory,” stated Tjärnström. “However, as we review the trend over these past two years, it is clear that there is still significant fluctuation and that the curve has not been as steadily declining as we hoped.

“Despite this we remain firmly committed to our Journey towards Zero, and to do the heavy lifting needed to reach this ambition. We have known from the beginning that we would not solve this overnight and continue to acknowledge the complexity of the task. 

“That being said, we are very happy that we set an ambitious goal, as it has served as a catalyst for our development and prompted us to pick up the pace.”