Decisions taken by the UKGC this week caused significant impacts on the UK sector, the iGamingDaily reacted to the technical framework and timeline being put forward by the UKGC. 

The podcast emphasised that the six month pilot period will be an acid test for the sector and whether new guidelines can be implemented effectively. 

It’s a period that could lead to various revisions, especially as the regulator has shown a key willingness to collaborate with the industry. 

The panel also detailed that the eyes of various other global markets will be watching to see the impact of the UKGC’s new framework as they look to provide the most effective approach to regulation and affordability in their own region. 

The show was united in being grateful for clarity and that the timeline is now clear when it comes to implementation of the new affordability frameworks. 

A harmonisation has been found across igaming platforms also as rules are being brought in across the board. These include the eradication of audio or visual celebrations of returns less than or equal to stake. These additional changes will come into force on 17 January 2025. 

Andrew Rhodes, Gambling Commission CEO, commented on the new guidelines: “As a gambling regulator it’s vital that the introduction of new rules is based on evidence and takes into account the views of consumers and other interested parties.

“We have listened to the views expressed in our engagement and in the consultation responses, and we have made changes while still ensuring that we deliver meaningful protections. 

“We are also pleased to be taking forward a pilot of financial risk assessments and data collection, which together will ensure that we can make informed decisions about how these assessments can be implemented in a way that supports both consumer freedom and protections.

“We have to get the balance right between protecting people from the potentially life-ruining effects of gambling-related harm and respecting the freedom of adults to engage in an activity that the vast majority do so without experiencing harm.”