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Colombia’s National Council of Games of Luck and Chance (Coljuegos) and the country’s National Superintendence of Health have announced a new agreement to strengthen protections from gambling harm. 

Key to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the “strengthening of surveillance of the operation of the territorial games”. 

Furthermore, the link will also form an improved collaboration for the exchange of information and technical knowledge, tools for the surveillance and control of the lottery, as well as tighter control for providers of Raspa&Listo games.

As reported by SBC Noticias, Luis Carlos Leal, Superintendent of Health, commented: “After multiple days of work, today we signed an agreement to fight corruption and improve the collection to protect the fundamental resource to the health of Colombians. It is important to articulate efforts in the National Government to move towards health protection in the country.”

SBC Noticias further highlighted that Coljuegos has contributed a total of COP 147.04bn (£28mn) to the public health sector through the lottery and Raspa&Listo games in the first quarter of 2024 – amounting to a 8 per cent increase YoY compared to the previous corresponding period.Marco Emilio Hincapié, President of Coljuegos, added: “This significant increase in the resources transferred is due to the joint work carried out by both the operators and the National Council of Games of Luck and Chance. We are providing guarantees to strengthen the industry in the territories and increase money for health.”