FunFair Technologies launches “first and only truly fair casino experience”

Decentralised blockchain casino platform provider FunFair Technologies has announced the launch of CasinoFair, “the world’s first, truly fair blockchain casino”.

Promising to go beyond the limitations of other casinos in offering the fairest experience possible, using the decentralised nature of the blockchain and fate channels, FunFair’s proprietary version of generalised state channel technology, all under the ‘Famous for Fairness’ tagline.

Further detailing the new entity’s offering, FunFair stated in a media release that “player protection and provable fairness are guaranteed at CasinoFair.

“It will never hold custody of player funds, with all gaming session funds held in escrow and distributed immediately to the player and house when the game ends, while its FairChecker feature ensures provably fair gameplay, preventing either party from tampering with the outcome.”

CasinoFair will initially be launched to a limited number of markets, and run by TTM BV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FunFair group.

This has been done as a means to expedite the platform’s commercial and marketing learnings, therefore ensuring a better product for future external partners.

Jez San, founder of FunFair, stated: “FunFair continue to lead the way in delivering a viable, quality blockchain casino with the launch of CasinoFair on our first-gen platform.

“Building our platform on blockchain technology allows us to deliver the levels of security and fairness that players demand, going beyond what is currently understood as provably fair, and CasinoFair will be the first of many FunFair partners changing the face of casino gaming for the better.

“With additional games, increased functionality and usability in the FunFair pipeline, CasinoFair will only get bigger and better, as we evolve from offering a service to the crypto community to disrupting the gaming mass market.”

Users accessing CasinoFair are to use fun tokens to play a growing range of premium games built on the blockchain, directly funded from their crypto wallet.

The licensed casino, it is stated, “will be the first blockchain casino to offer a wide range of fun, fast and fair games,” thanks to the platform’s fate channel technology that helps overcome some of the scaling limitations of existing blockchains.

Amongst the games included on the new offering are FunFair’s latest titles Fate of Thrones and FunDice, along with popular casino games such as European Roulette and Blackjack.