Irish gaming operator BetBright has unveiled a partnership with player acquisition specialists ConversionBet, as the organisation aims to accelerate the personalisation capabilities of its casino products.

Through the utilisation of the ConversionBet solution, BetBright is striving to create a better understanding of the influences affecting customer behaviour, which it believes will help the company stand out amongst its competitors.

Making use of the organisation’s real-time technology, BetBright is to optimise its offerings through the integration of ConversionBet’s tools and functions, across its casino vertical.

Via its behavioural based model, the operator is to “offer the right message over the right channel at the right time, in order to improve their customers’ sign-up experience and thus, life-time value of each converted player”.

Ed Fogarty, acquisition manager of BetBright, explained: “Understanding why someone visits our site in the first place is fundamental to delivering our differentiated product in the right way, to the right person.

“The ConversionBet platform will allow us to communicate with our visitors prior to entering our registration process, making for a smooth and highly personalised acquisition journey, that will not only impact our conversion figures, but also lifetime value stats.

“It’s vital that BetBright retain control of our milestone road-map. To ensure this, a flexible and agile approach aids swift innovation, allowing us to move faster than our competition. ConversionBet provides this for us.”

This latest agreement adds a further string to the ConversionBet bow, as it delivers a series of customisation and behavioural-driven products to a number of operators in the gaming industry.

Providing a service which it states will help BetBright excel and “challenge other betting firms in a crowded marketplace,” the company also counts Betsson Group, Mr Green and GiG as a selection of its partners.

“When operators like BetBright choose ConversionBet it demonstrates a shared mission to put an end to meaningless experiences,” added Dan Morrison, founder and CEO of ConversionBet.

“We’re now in a partnership to help BetBright continue to be customer centric, and be one of the most innovative operators in the gaming market.”